Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

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German title Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Original title The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Logo.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1986
length 96 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Tobe Hooper
script LM Kit Carson
production Menahem Golan ,
Yoram Globus ,
Tobe Hooper
music Tobe Hooper,
Jerry Lambert
camera Richard Kooris
cut Alain Jakubowicz

←  Predecessor
blood court in Texas

Successor  →
Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (Originally The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 ) is an American horror film by Tobe Hooper from 1986 , with Dennis Hopper in the lead role. The film is a Cannon Films production and was released in US theaters on August 22, 1986 .


Two freaky teenagers are driving their car and want to make the area unsafe. While driving, you call Stretch , who operates a regional radio station. The two provoke an oncoming truck in which the two mass murderers Chop Top & Leatherface are sitting and want to push him off the road. When it is dark, the two call Stretch again and see the same truck again, which is now starting to provoke them. Suddenly a masked man crashes into the loading area and starts attacking the young people's car with a chainsaw. When one of the young people looked away briefly, he didn't notice that his friend's upper half of his head was being sawed off. The car crashes down a slope. Stretch has to listen to all of this over the phone.

Lieutenant Lefty Enright is called to the scene of the accident the next morning and sees a wreckage of the car with large slits cut out. He immediately realizes what could have happened. Stretch contacts him stating that she has everything taped and wants him to come over to her radio station and listen to it. Lefty goes into a tool shop and buys three chainsaws to prepare for the fight against the killers. He still has a score to deal with because he knows very well that it must be the murderers of his nephew who caused a massacre in Texas in 1973.

In the meantime, the head of the gang, a cook, has also noticed that there are witnesses to the crime from last night. He wants the two of them to silence those who were listening to the bloody act. They drive to the radio station and Leatherface cuts everything into kindling with his chainsaw. Stretch's friend is attacked by a hairless freak with a hammer and repeatedly hit on the head until it stops moving. Meanwhile, Stretch is attacked by Leatherface with the chainsaw, but he doesn't kill her because he seems to like it. He disappears and leaves her alone. When the two madmen disappear, they take Stretch's friend with them.

Stretch therefore sets out to follow the culprits and save her friend. She follows them to a huge amusement park where they have set up their hiding place. She gets out of her jeep when she is suddenly followed by a car. He stops, and the driver turns out to be Lefty, who seems to have followed Stretch. Suddenly she breaks into a pit and Lefty tries desperately to pull her out with an arm bone that was lying around. However, this breaks apart and she falls deeper into the pit and disappears. She comes to and hides in a large room. Then Leatherface comes in and starts cutting off the skin of her boyfriend's body and face with an electric hand saw. But Leatherface suddenly discovers her and comes up with the idea of ​​putting her boyfriend's skin on her face and dancing with her. Suddenly his sick father, the cook, calls for him, and Leatherface quickly hides Stretch before he walks in. The cook takes Leatherface out so that she is alone, tied up and with her boyfriend's skin on her face. Suddenly the friend stirs and she now has to watch how cruelly he was beaten up. He gets up and still manages to cut her loose, but he ultimately dies of the consequences of his injuries. Stretch now puts the skin on his face again and quietly leaves the room to hide again and to get to safety.

Lefty now also finds the place of evil and saws everything that gets in his way to kindling. He discovers his nephew's skeleton while still sitting in a wheelchair. This makes him even angrier and more aggressive and now finally knows what to do. He sets out to finally put an end to the crazy family. Meanwhile, Stretch is now being rediscovered and captured. She is tortured by the madmen fetching her grandpa and having him hit her head with a hammer over a bucket and then let him drink her blood.

Lefty arrives and Leatherface is pierced by him with a chainsaw in a fight, the cook accidentally blows himself up with a hand grenade. Stretch, on the other hand, has to face one last tough fight for survival. However, she escapes into the room where the mummified grandmother of the butcher clan is. Chop Top comes along and insults her. Stretch tears the chainsaw from the grandmother's arms and saws the chop top into the meat, causing it to fall into a ventilation shaft and be chopped up. Stretch, driven by anger and madness, swings the chainsaw in the air.

Seizure and Rehabilitation

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was shown in 1990 by Cannon / VMP in the original English version in a Munich cinema. Shortly after this performance, the film was confiscated nationwide because of §131 StGb (glorification of violence). In the following years various bootleg versions (published without a license) with a poor quality German dubbing appeared on VHS. In 2002 another, much more professional, German dubbing was created, in which the then regular speaker of Dennis Hopper could be heard. This was used for the 2003 DVD of the label "Midnight Movies", for which there was also no license.

Regardless of these circumstances, Turbine Medien secured the rights for the German and Austrian market in April 2012 in order to be able to publish the film legally and uncensored for the first time. For this to be possible, the seizure that had existed since 1990 first had to be lifted. Regardless of the legal proceedings, the film was released in May 2012 in an elaborately restored version in a 3-disc set on Blu-ray and DVD. In addition to the two previous synchronizations, this set also contains, for the first time, a German synchronization based on the original sound effects.

In May 2016, Turbine Medien announced the lifting of the last seizure. The indexing was canceled in December 2016 in order to receive approval from the FSK. This took place in January 2017 and resulted in the unabridged version being approved for ages 18 and over.

Background and criticism

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 was planned as a parody of the first film.
  • The official poster was based on that of the Breakfast Club .
  • Director Tobe Hooper could be engaged again for the sequel to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre , but not build on the success of the first part. There was criticism of the excessive violence and the thin history of the film. The film could not build on the sensational success of the first part, but brought back its production costs: The budget was 4.7 million US dollars . The film grossed around 8 million US dollars in the United States.
  • Filming took place in Austin and Prairie Dell , Texas from June 1986 to July 4, 1986 .
  • A poster of the band Fine Young Cannibals hangs on the radio station .
  • During a scene on the radio station, the film Rambo 3 is mentioned, which did not exist before and was only released in theaters in 1988.
  • Furthermore, blood effect legend Tom Savini could be hired for the splatter elements of the film, which resulted in the film being confiscated and cut versions in some countries such as Australia , Sweden and Norway due to its sometimes very rough depiction of violence . In Germany , the film was confiscated in the cinema during the first few weeks, in some places even during the screening.
  • Roger Ebert wrote: “Part 2 contains a lot of blood and mutilations, that's for sure. He lacks the terror of the first part and the need to be taken seriously. It's a geek show ”.
  • “As was to be expected, however, 2 is no longer as good as its predecessor, as it neither achieves the ingenious authenticity of the debut, nor does it ever achieve such an atmosphere. Hooper is not that strong this time in terms of directing, because the gore is sometimes too bold and there is far less patience for the creepy scenes. After the mummified grandpa appeared in the first part and was already bizarre enough, there is still grandma here who is so ancient that you slip from the bizarre into the ridiculous ”.


  • Tobe Hooper received a nomination for the International Fantasy Film Award in 1989 for his directorial work .
  • In addition, Caroline Williams won the 1986 Caixa de Catalunya film award for best actress.

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