Leonhard von Eck

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Leonhard von Eck

Leonhard von Eck (* 1480 in Kelheim ; † March 17, 1550 in Munich ) was a Bavarian politician .


Coming from the "lower nobility who were not able to compete in tournaments", he studied in Ingolstadt from 1489 and obtained his master's degree there in 1493. He then did his doctorate in Bologna . Leonhard was the son of Leonhard Huber , who was enfeoffed with the Hofmark Naabeck in 1498 . This was now called von Eck, as was his son and successor, but in 1516 he sold Naabeck with all accessories to the Ehrenreichs.

Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria appointed him to his government in 1514. As the Duke's closest advisor, the Councilor was the most important figure at the Bavarian court. In the first half of the 16th century he had a decisive influence on the political, economic, religious, intellectual and social life of Bavaria for over 35 years. Leonhard von Eck created the first approaches by central authorities in Bavaria and laid the foundation for Bavaria's position as an important Catholic power in the following decades. In 1524 he was instrumental in bringing about an alliance of Catholic imperial estates in the Regensburg Convention . He was also the protector of Sodalitas litteraria Angilostadensis at the University of Ingolstadt . The gifted and ambitious statesman died on March 17, 1550 and was buried in his hometown of Kelheim. In 1554, Hans Mielich created Eck'sche Epitaph for him and his wife Felicitas von Freyberg.

His bust was placed in the Hall of Fame in Munich.

Leonhard von Eck was one of the largest landowners in Bavaria. To his only son Oswald (student of Johannes Aventinus ) he left rulers in Randeck ( Essing ), Wolfsegg and Hof (Erdweg) , money and goods in abundance. However, this became impoverished after a few years. His possessions were forcibly auctioned off and he died in Regensburg in 1573.


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