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Leonti Schewzow, 2019

Leonti Pawlowitsch Schewzow ( Russian Леонтий Павлович Шевцов , scientific transliteration Leontij Pavlovič Ševcov ; born March 14, 1946 near Petropavlovsk , Kazakh SSR ) is a general in the Soviet Union and Russia .


Leonti Schewzow began his military career in 1964 with training at the officers' school in Tashkent . In 1968 he became platoon leader in a tank regiment, then chief of a reconnaissance company, and finally chief of the staff of a motorized rifle battalion in the Transbaikal military district ( Siberia ). 1974 to 1977 he graduated from the Frunze Military Academy in Moscow. He then became the commander of a motorized rifle battalion , then a division in the Far East military district.

In 1987 he was promoted to major general. From 1988 to 1990 he completed further studies at the Voroshilov Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR in Moscow . In 1992/93 he was appointed commander of the 1st Guard Armored Army of the Western Group (WGT) with the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Germany and their relocation to Smolensk . This was followed by promotion to lieutenant general .

As deputy head of the operations department in the Russian General Staff, he was responsible for the campaign in Chechnya in December 1994 . In February 1995 he was appointed Colonel-General conveyed.

In an article in the army newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) on March 10, 1995, he warned against the premature end of the fighting in Chechnya.

In October 1995, Shevtsov took over the Russian tie rod (delegation) in NATO - Headquarters Europe ( SHAPE ) in Mons (Belgium) and participated in the planning for the coordination of Bosnia -Einsatzes NATO.

He conducted negotiations with NATO about the inclusion of a Russian contingent in the peacekeeping force for Bosnia IFOR without subordination to a NATO command. The Bosnia mission was initially led by NATO Commander in Chief Europe General George Joulwan (USA). The 1,500 to 2,000 Russian paratrooper troops were also under his command, but not in his capacity as NATO commander in chief, but as a US general. Colonel-General Leontij Schwezow was assigned to him as deputy; its special responsibility lay with the Russian operation in Bosnia, since only a Russian general could give orders to Russian troops .

The Russian IFOR contingent operated as part of a Russian-American unit in the American sector in northern Bosnia, in the eastern part of the Posavina Corridor near Brčko , together with the 1st US Armored Division .

On August 12, 1997, General Shevtsov was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Internal Forces in Russia and Deputy Minister of the Interior, bypassing Interior Minister Anatoly Sergejewitsch Kulikow .

In April 1999, by a decree of then President Boris Yeltsin, he was removed from office and appointed inspector and coordinator of the high command of the troops of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation .

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