List of the Margraves of Meissen

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The margraviate of Meissen was a territorial state on the border of the German Empire. The Meissen ( cradle of Saxony ) was 965 by Emperor Otto I founded. In 929, a fortification was built by King Heinrich I on the Meißner Burgberg . The Imperial Castle of Meissen was the center of the margraviate that developed into the Kingdom of Saxony . The Wettins have been strengthening their power since the 13th century in the course of the country's expansion by building a well-organized administration. The Office Meissen first time in 1334 mentioned in a document, extended from Mohorn in the south to Riesa in the north and from the Elbe River in the east to the line Mügeln-chub in the West.


Surname Domination Remarks
Wigbert 965-976
Thietmar I. 976-979 (also Margrave of Merseburg)
Gunther von Merseburg 981-982 (also Margrave of Merseburg)
Rikdag II. 978-985 (since 982 also Margrave of Merseburg)
Ekkehard I. of Meissen 0985-1002 Son of Gunther
Gunzelin from Kuckenburg 1002-1009 Brother Ekkehard I.
Hermann I. 1009-1038 Son of Ekkehard I and nephew of Gunzelin
Ekkehard II of Meissen 1038-1046 Brother of Hermann I.
Wilhelm of Weimar-Orlamünde 1046-1062
Otto I of Weimar-Orlamünde 1062-1067
Ekbert I. 1067-1068
Ekbert II. 1068-1089
Vratislav II of Bohemia 1076-1089
Heinrich I. 1089-1103
Henry II 1103-1123
Wiprecht II of Groitzsch 1123-1124
Hermann I of Winzenburg 1124-1129 (from the family of the Counts of Formbach )
Konrad the Great 1129-1157 from the family of the Counts of Brehna
Otto the Rich 1157-1190
Albrecht I the Proud 1190-1195
Dietrich the distressed 1198-1221

Margraves of Meissen and Landgraves of Thuringia

Surname Domination Remarks
Henry III. the illustrious one 1218-1288
Albrecht II , the degenerate 1288-1291
Frederick I the Undead (the bitten) 1291-1323
Frederick II the Serious 1323-1349
Friedrich III. the severity 1349-1381
Wilhelm I the one-eyed 1382-1407
Wilhelm II the Rich 1407-1425

From 1425 the Margraves of Meissen became Electors of Saxony .

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