List of sun deities

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The solar disk Aton in ancient Egypt
Huitzilopochtli , the Aztecs' god of war and sun
The founder of the Japanese imperial family Amaterasu leaving her cave
Relief for Taq-e Bostan : Investiture of Ardashir II with the representation of the Persian deity Mithra behind and Ahura Mazdas in front of the Sassanid great king

The list of sun deities includes religiously revered personifications of the sun or its aspects of light , energy , the course of the sun and the season within the framework of a sun cult . She can be one of many deities and is often the central or supreme deity.


  • Egyptians in the pharaonic state
    • Aton was worshiped as a solar disk
    • Ra / Re was the ancient Egyptian sun god
    • Chepre symbolizes sunrise and morning sun
    • As the god of light, Harachte is a sub-form of Horus
    • Atum was a creator and heavenly deity
  • Guanches as residents of the Canary Island of Tenerife
  • Hurrians as a Bronze Age people of the ancient Orient
    • Simige was the sun god of heaven
  • Indians can be proven in written certificates
    • Mitra was the keeper of the cosmic order
    • Surya was the personification of sun, warmth and light
  • Inca as an indigenous urban culture in South America
    • Viracocha was a Pan-Andean creator deity
    • Inti was the star "sun", not the god
  • Inuit peoples in arctic Canada and Greenland
    • Malina was the sun goddess and sister of the moon god
  • Japanese as plural connected to Shinto and Buddhism
  • Celts as ethnic groups of the Iron Age in Europe
    • Lugh was god of light
    • Sulis was the sun and salvation deity in Britain
  • Luwians as an Indo-European people in Asia Minor
  • Maya as indigenous peoples in Central America
  • Nubians as a people in today's Sudan and in southern Egypt
    • Mandulis was a sun deity from Lower Nubia
  • Phoenicians as Semitic people of antiquity
    • Melkart as the patron god of shipping and colonization
  • Romans
    • Apollo was the god of light and healing
    • Elagabal , Latin : Elagabalus or Heliogabalus , especially in Emesa (now Homs) in the Roman province of Syria
    • Jarchibol was the patron god of the Efca spring , especially in Palmyra
    • Malakbel was a sun god, especially in Palmyra
    • Mithras was the personification of the sun
    • Sol was the sun god of ancient mythology
  • Slavs in Eastern Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Southeast Europe
  • Sumerians in the Mesopotamia region
    • Utu was the god of the sun and justice


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