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Muscle-powered vehicles are all types of vehicles that are not driven by machines or external forces such as wind, but are moved purely by using the muscle power of the occupants.

The following types of muscle-powered vehicles exist:

Land vehicles

Track guided vehicles



A distinction must be made between aircraft operated with muscle power :

Muscular aerodynamic aircraft

A distinction is made according to the aerodynamic lift principle :

Not to muscle power , however, include aircraft operated in the narrow sense gliders , hang gliders , paragliders or base jumping , as they only externally mostly through thermals supplied upwind or with the consumption of potential energy function in gliding flight, even if they by the rise previously was applied with muscle power. This certainly does not include carrier pigeons , model gliders , paper planes , water rockets , boomerangs or other projectiles that basically do not meet the definition of a vehicle as a construction with the purpose of transport .

Aerostats & Airships

In the case of airships or aerostats , a distinction must still be made as to whether the pilot is himself an occupant in the aircraft or whether he is dragging it from the ground like a barrow :

Muscle-powered airships with passenger transport for occupants
Cargo airships ( aerostats ) maneuvered manually from the ground

Hand-drawn tethered balloons, typically in the form of a zeppelin (elongated), are used or were used to pull the pilot line for pulling overhead lines and the like.

Toys, sports, street art and acrobatics

  • Seated carousel , which is driven by bystanders by hand, possibly while walking along or a passenger pushing off with his foot on the ground
  • Tied up "airplane", pulled and held by means of a curved rod that describes a cone shell. In particular, the wrist and neck joint are suitable for guiding the rod
  • Air fish on a line
  • Poi
  • curved cloth
  • Roller board with pull cord or to push off with hands or feet
  • Skateboard including variants snakeboard, waveboard
  • Balance ball
  • Balancing roll as a cylinder, or with 2 tires or in the form of a cable drum
  • Pedalo
  • Roller skis
  • Roller skates in variants
  • Gym wheel
  • Cross-country skiing on cross-country skis

Gravity driven

  • Zipline with seat plate and outlet on playgrounds, after being pulled up to the starting hill by the later passenger
  • Soapbox Race
  • Skiing during a ski tour

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