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Louis II. D'Amboise (* 1477 in Chaumont-sur-Loire , France , † March 3, 1511 in Loreto , Italy ) was Bishop of Autun , Bishop of Albi and Cardinal of the Roman Church . He came from the noble family Amboise , was a son of Charles I. d'Amboise , the favorite of Louis XI. and Catherine de Chauvigny , and brother of Charles II d'Amboise .


D'Amboise studied at the Collège de Navarre and the Faculté des arts in Paris. In 1496 he became coadjutor of his uncle Louis I. d'Amboise , Bishop of Albi, and this appointed him on May 22, 1497 Archdeacon of Narbonne . He was ordained a priest in 1499 and received a benefice in Chartres . On August 9, 1501 he was by Pope Alexander VI. appointed Bishop of Autun. But he remained Archdeacon of Chartres and Quaestor of Sainte-Chapelle de Bourges . In August and September 1502 he was part of the retinue of Louis XII. during his campaign in Italy. In 1503 his uncle Louis I. d'Amboise died and he became Bishop of Albi , to which he had been appointed as early as 1497. On October 17, 1505, at Blois Castle , he granted the dispensation for the marriage of Germaine de Foix , the king's niece, to Ferdinand II.

In 1506 he was appointed cardinal priest of Santi Marcellino e Pietro by Pope Julius II . In 1507 he again took part in a campaign by Louis XII. to Italy and moved into Genoa .

With his cousin Cardinal François Guillaume de Castelnau-Clermont-Ludève he made a pilgrimage to Loreto in the province of Ancona . There he died on March 3, 1511 and was buried in the basilica of the Holy House in Loreto . His heart was buried in Albi Cathedral .

Loreto Basilica


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