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On-line December 2006 is a web-based social network with Web 2.0 functionality for those interested in literature. Users can create a digital outline of their own bookshelf, find readers with similar preferences and discuss titles. The website is operated by aboutbooks GmbH, a subsidiary of the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group . It is considered one of the larger German-speaking social book networks.

In February 2015 LovelyBooks had 165,000 registered members and was visited 1.2 million times per month. In 2015, Holtzbrinck employed and paid ten people for the technology and organization of the website; use is free of charge for readers and authors (4,200 registered in 2015). The income comes from advertising, linking to booksellers like Amazon or from organizing live stream readings.

Since 2009, the community has been awarding the LovelyBooks reader award in various categories.


The idea for was born by Lothar Kleiner and Sandra Dittert. Michael Breidenbrücker ( ) and Jodok Batlogg ( Plone Foundation) developed the website on behalf of aboutbooks. went online in December 2006.

Members can collect books in a virtual bookshelf or place them on a wish list. Books can be suggested through a system of tags and recommendations. Books are discussed in groups or recommended through personal messages from friends. A selection of members will receive new books to be presented in test reading sessions. Regional meetings are organized.


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