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Spotlight Verlag GmbH
founding   April 1981
Seat   Munich
Publishing group   Zeitverlag
genus   Educational publisher

The Spotlight Verlag GmbH is a German media house that the issue of entertaining language learning media, in particular language magazines, specialized. It belongs to Zeitverlag and is based in Munich. The publishing house employs around 80 people and has a turnover of over 16 million euros (2015). The Spotlight Verlag is headed by Gosia Schweizer.


Spotlight Verlag is the European market leader in the voice magazine segment. The publishing house was founded in 1981 by the bookseller Egon Müller. The English-language monthly magazine Spotlight started . Over time, other magazines and print products and online language learning opportunities were added.

Today the publisher publishes six magazines in five languages. In addition, there are monthly audio products, additional products at simple language level, PLUS exercise books, vocabulary trainers and teacher services. With the "SprachenShop", which specializes in language products, the publisher owns a mail order book trade.

As a service provider, the publisher produces company and product videos as well as audio formats in various languages ​​for external customers.


The publishing concept consists of the combination of entertaining insights into the respective cultural area with current reports and reports as well as the enrichment of effective language training and language exercises. The publisher has steadily expanded its online offerings in recent years.


More products and offers

  • Audio magazines (audio CDs, downloads, podcasts),
  • Exercise books PLUS,
  • Teaching materials for teachers
  • Language shop (foreign language novels, videos, DVDs, comics, etc.)
  • , a free placement test in six languages


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