Brain & mind

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Brain & mind
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description popular science magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Psychology and brain research
language German
publishing company Spectrum of Science Publishing Company ( Germany )
Headquarters Heidelberg
First edition 2002
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 15,700 copies
( As of 2019 )
Widespread edition 17,200 copies
( As of 2019 )
Editor-in-chief Daniel Lingenhöhl
executive Director Markus Bossle
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Brain & Spirit ( stylized proper spelling : GEHIRN & GEIST ) is the name of a magazine from the Spektrum der Wissenschaft Verlagsgesellschaft that specializes in the areas of psychology and brain research and is primarily aimed at interested laypeople.

First published in 2002, Brain and Mind today publishes monthly articles on the topics of neurology , neurobiology , behavioral research , psychology , philosophy and religion .

The scientific advisory board includes: Angela D. Friederici , Frank Rösler , Gerhard Roth , Henning Scheich , Wolf Singer , Wolfgang Wahlster .

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