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The MLB Draft , also known as the Rule 4 Draft , is an MLB baseball league event where league teams can acquire rights to available amateur and youth players. In contrast to the other top North American leagues National Basketball Association , National Football League and National Hockey League , the MLB Draft takes place during the current season.


The first draft of the Major League Baseball took place in June 1965th Originally there were three different drafts per year. Initially, high school and college players who graduated in winter could be elected in January . This was followed in June by by far the largest draft with the selection of high school and college players immediately after the end of the pre-season in the junior area. A third and final draft was held in August for players participating in amateur summer tournaments. While this third draft was discontinued after only two years and the January draft was held for the last time in 1986, the draft in June has been held annually since 1965. While there were large differences in the assessment of performance and thus the selection of high school and college players, especially in the first years of the draft, there is now hardly any difference between these two groups in terms of the number of players selected in the draft herself, as is also concerned in the number of MLB appearances over the course of her career.

The draft

The MLB Draft has some special features compared to the drafts of the other top leagues. On the one hand, the players usually play for a few years in the minor leagues , while in the NHL, NBA and NFL selected ("drafted") players play for their clubs relatively quickly. On the other hand, significantly more players are selected in the MLB Draft than in the other leagues. While 1,503 players were selected in 50 rounds in the MLB Draft 2006 , the number in the other leagues was a maximum of 250. Because of the size of the draft, only a fraction of the junior players ever reach the MLB. Even in the first round of the draft, there is enormous permeability. Of the first 53 players selected in the 1997 MLB Draft , only 31 made it into the major leagues. In the sixth round of the same draft, only five of the 31 players made it.

However, there are always exceptions. The American David Eckstein , who was selected in 1997 in the 19th round as the 581st player in total, was named the most valuable player in the World Series and played several times in the MLB All-Star Game . His compatriot Orlando Hudson , 1997 only in the 43rd round as a total of 1280th selected player, made his MLB debut for the Toronto Blue Jays on July 24, 2002 .

Draft order

Similar to the other North American top leagues, the team with the worst results of the previous year receives the right for the first draft pick. This order is continued continuously, so that the best team from the previous year always has to choose a player last in each round.

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