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Michael Stahl (born May 18, 1948 in Rastatt ) is a German ancient historian .

Michael Stahl Anno 2018


Michael Stahl studied at the University of Freiburg and the Free University of Berlin . He was born in 1975 with a thesis on Imperial Rule and Provincial City. Structural problems of the Roman Empire organization in the 1st – 3rd centuries PhD at the Technical University of Berlin in the 18th century . In 1984 he completed his habilitation with the thesis Aristocrats and Tyrants in archaic Athens. Investigations into tradition, social structure and the formation of the state . In 1986 Stahl became professor at the Georg-August University in Göttingen , and from 1991 to 2011 he was professor of ancient history at the Institute for History at the Technical University of Darmstadt .

Stahl is primarily concerned with Greek history in the archaic and classical times as well as the Roman imperial period . His research focuses on the origin and development of the Greek citizen state in archaic and classical times , on culture and politics in Greek and Roman history, and compares it to ancient and modern.

Stahl was Vice President of the Study Center Weikersheim in 2013 , from which he turned away a little later, as his efforts to redesign the program together with the then President Harald Seubert were unsuccessful. He was one of the 68 main illustrators of the 2013 election alternative . In 2013, Stahl signed an appeal for support for the Alternative for Germany party . He did not join the AfD and broke off contact with this party after the party founder Bernd Lucke left .

Stahl has lived in Niedere Fläming since 2014, where he and his wife, the literary scholar Katja Stahl, take part in public life through a series of events. 2016–2019: Wiepersdorfer Wortwechsel (previous guests: Heimo Schwilk , Rüdiger Safranski , Ralf Otterpohl , Peter Cornelius Mayer-Tasch), Luckenwalder lectures on religion and theology (in cooperation with the Catholic parish Luckenwalde / Jüterbog, previous speakers: Marius Reiser , Hanna -Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz , Patrick Roth , Harald Seubert).

Both signed the joint declaration in 2018 .


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