Montedio Yamagata

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Montedio Yamagata
Montedio Yamagata.svg
Basic data
Seat Yamagata Prefecture
founding 1984
Colours blue White
First soccer team
Head coach JapanJapan Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Venue ND Soft Stadium
Places 20,315
league J2 League
2019 6th place

Montedio Yamagata ( Japanese モ ン テ デ ィ オ 山形 ) is a Japanese football club from Yamagata Prefecture . He currently plays in the J2 League .

Montedio stands for the two combined Italian words Monte ("mountain") and Dio ("God"). Home stadium is the "General Sports Park of Yamagata Prefecture" ( Japanese . 山形 県 総 合 運動 公園 , Yamagata-Ken Sōgō Undō-Kōen ) in Tendō .


The club was founded in 1984 as the NEC Yamagata Soccer Club (Japanese 山形 日本 電 気 鶴 岡 工場 サ ッ カ ー 部, Yamagata Nippon Denki Tsuruoka Kōjō Sakkā-Nu ). In 1994 he was promoted to the then second-rate Japan Football League . After the club was renamed Montedio Yamagata in 1996 , he always played second class and since 1999 in the newly founded J. League Division 2 .

Since it was difficult to find a financially strong sponsor in Yamagata Prefecture, the "Association for the Promotion of Sports of the 21st Century in Yamagata Prefecture" (Japanese 形 県 ス ポ ー ツ 振興 21 世紀 協会 , Yamagata-ken Sports Shinkō Nijūisseiki Kyōkai ) was established. Members included individuals, the prefectural government, local businesses and support groups. Most of the clubs of the time were joint stock companies of large corporations, which is why Yamagata was not financially competitive. Many players were loaned out in the rehabilitation phase, which is why the club was often referred to as the "Yamagata Recycling Factory" . Other clubs recruited key players regularly, which also kept their sporting success within limits.

In 2008, for the first time in the club's history, a coach with top division experience took over the club and promptly made it to Division 1 - with five players on loan.

Due to its low budget of 1,050 million yen in 2009 (about half the first division average), Montedio Yamagata was considered by almost all experts as a direct relegation candidate. The season for Montedio started with a 6-2 victory over the multiple champions Júbilo Iwata and ended with a tight class remaining in 15th place. Due to the loss of many regular players, the 2011 class could not be maintained and relegation to Division 2 was inevitable. Despite his good reputation, coach Shinji Kobayashi left the club after 4 years.

At the end of the 2014 season , the promotion playoffs made it possible to jump into the J1 League again , from which Montedion, however, relegated again after only one season.


  • Promotion to the 2nd division: 1996
  • Promotion to the 1st division: 2008, 2014


The club plays its home games at the ND Soft Stadium in Tendō in Yamagata Prefecture . The stadium, owned by Yamagata Prefecture, has a seating capacity of 20,315.

Coordinates: 38 ° 20 ′ 11.6 "  N , 140 ° 22 ′ 42.8"  E


Status: June 2020

No. position Surname
3 JapanJapan FROM Naoki Kuriyama
4th JapanJapan FROM Kai Miki
5 JapanJapan FROM Hiroki Noda
6th JapanJapan FROM Takumi Yamada
7th JapanJapan MF Kenya Okazaki
8th JapanJapan MF Hayata Komatsu
9 BrazilBrazil ST Vinícius Araújo
10 JapanJapan MF Atsutaka Nakamura
11 JapanJapan MF Yuya Yamagishi
13 JapanJapan ST Shūhei Ōtsuki
14th JapanJapan MF Takuya Honda
15th JapanJapan FROM Toshiaki Miyamoto
16 JapanJapan ST Shuto Kitagawa
17th JapanJapan MF Shun Nakamura
18th JapanJapan MF Shūto Minami
19th JapanJapan MF Ryota Matsumoto
No. position Surname
20th JapanJapan MF Taiki Kato
21st JapanJapan TW Masatoshi Kushibiki
22nd JapanJapan ST Shunta Nakamura
23 JapanJapan FROM Yuta Kumamoto
24 JapanJapan FROM Kazuma Takayama
25th JapanJapan MF Rui Sueyoshi
26th JapanJapan FROM Kenya Onodera
28 JapanJapan TW Hayato Settsu
29 JapanJapan MF Mutsuki Hirooka
30th JapanJapan TW Akihiro Sato
31 JapanJapan FROM Riku Handa
32 Korea SouthSouth Korea TW Min Seong-Jun
33 JapanJapan ST Junya Takahashi
36 JapanJapan FROM Masahito Onoda
40 JapanJapan FROM Ryoma Watanabe

Coach chronicle

Trainer nation from to
Nobuhiro Ishizaki JapanJapan Japan February 1, 1995 January 31, 1999
Shigeharu Ueki JapanJapan Japan February 1, 1999 January 31, 2001
Kōichi Hashiratani JapanJapan Japan January 1, 2001 December 31, 2003
Jun Suzuki JapanJapan Japan February 1, 2004 January 31, 2006
Yasuhiro Higuchi JapanJapan Japan February 1, 2006 January 31, 2008
Shinji Kobayashi JapanJapan Japan February 1, 2008 January 31, 2012
Ryosuke Okuno JapanJapan Japan February 1, 2012 January 31, 2014
Nobuhiro Ishizaki JapanJapan Japan 1st of February 2014 January 31, 2017
Takashi Kiyama JapanJapan Japan 1st February 2017 January 31, 2020
Kiyotaka Ishimaru JapanJapan Japan February 1, 2020

Season placement

season League space J. League Cup Emperor's Cup web
1999 J2 7th Quarter finals
2000 J2 10. 2nd round
2001 J2 3. 3rd round
2002 J2 11. 1 round
2003 J2 8th. 3rd round
2004 J2 4th 4th round
2005 J2 5. 4th round
2006 J2 8th. 4th round
2007 J2 9. 4th round
2008 J2 2. 4th round
2009 J1 15th 3rd round
2010 J1 13. Quarter finals
2011 J1 18th 3rd round
2012 J2 10. 3rd round
2013 J2 10. 4th round
2014 J2 6th final
2015 J1 18th 4th round
2016 J2 14th 3rd round
2017 J2 11. 3rd round
2018 J2 12. Semifinals
2019 J2 6th 2nd round
2020 J2

Individual evidence

  1. J. League Data Site

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