Mucochloric acid

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Structural formula
Structure of mucochloric acid
Surname Mucochloric acid
other names
  • Chloromuconic acid
  • 2,3-dichloromaleic aldehyde acid
  • 2,3-dichloro-3-formyl acrylic acid
  • ( Z ) -2,3-dichloro-4-oxo-2-butenoic acid
  • MCA
Molecular formula C 4 H 2 Cl 2 O 3
Brief description

white solid with a sour odor

External identifiers / databases
CAS number 87-56-9
EC number 201-752-4
ECHA InfoCard 100.001.594
PubChem 2771871
ChemSpider 2052308
Wikidata Q1951666
Molar mass 168.96 g mol −1
Physical state



1.85 g cm −3

Melting point

127 ° C

boiling point

Decomposition> 127 ° C

Vapor pressure

130 h Pa (50 ° C)


soluble in water (24 g l −1 at 20 ° C)

safety instructions
GHS labeling of hazardous substances
06 - Toxic or very toxic 05 - Corrosive 08 - Dangerous to health


H and P phrases H: 301-314-341
P: 201-260-264-280-305 + 351 + 338-310
Toxicological data

100 mg kg −1 ( LD 50ratoral )

As far as possible and customary, SI units are used. Unless otherwise noted, the data given apply to standard conditions .

Mucochloric acid is a white powder with a sour odor that is used in the manufacture of crop protection products.

Extraction and presentation

Mucochloric acid can be prepared by chlorination of butynediol in aqueous acidic medium (eg. Hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid are recovered).

Annual production in the EU was around 1000 to 5000 tonnes in 2000. This makes it one of the chemical substances that are produced in large quantities (" High Production Volume Chemical ", HPVC) and for which the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) collects data on possible dangers (" Screening Information Dataset ", SIDS).


Mucochloric acid is mainly used as an intermediate in the manufacture of the pesticides Chloridazon and Norflurazon .

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