Nutmeg Ottonel

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Nutmeg Ottonel
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Nutmeg Ottonel
Art Grape vine ( Vitis vinifera subsp. Vinifera )
Berry color green yellow
origin France, Angers
breeder Jean-Pierre Vibert and Jean Moreau-Robert
Breeding year 1839
Launch 1852
VIVC no. 8243

Cross of
Gutedel × Ingram's Muscat

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Muscat Ottonel is a white wine variety and comes from France . Jean-Pierre Vibert from Angers selected the variety in 1839 from a seedling he had found. It was distributed from 1852 by Jean Moreau-Robert, who was also based in Angers. The parent varieties are Gutedel and Ingram's Muscat . For a long time, the Gutedel and Muscat précoce de Saumur grape varieties were considered cross-breeding partners.


Cross of Gutedel × Ingram's Muscat


country Vineyards ha
Romania 3641
Bulgaria 3236
Moldova 1520
Hungary 1232
Austria 359
France 166
Czech Republic 60
Slovakia 48
Russia 34
Croatia 23
South Africa 13
Germany 12
Uruguay 7th
World acreage 2010 10352

In Alsace , the variety is sold as Muscat d'Alsace alongside the Muscat blanc à petits grains .

Ampelographic varietal characteristics

  • The shoot tip is open. It is hairy spiderweb to slightly woolly and red-brown in color. The intense red, shiny young leaves are hairless.
  • The small to medium-sized leaves are three- or five-lobed and deeply indented. The stalk bay is lyre-shaped to closed. The blade is bluntly serrated.
  • The cylindrical grape is small to medium-sized, sometimes winged on one side and with loose berries. The round berries are medium-sized and yellow-green in color, and when the berries are fully ripe they appear brown-spotted on the sun-side. The berries have a thick skin and a slight note of nutmeg on the taste.

Maturation: approx. 5 to 6 days after the Gutedel and is therefore considered to ripen early in an international comparison.


The variety is susceptible to powdery mildew , downy mildew and gray mold rot . Since the nutmeg Ottonel tends to trickle heavily, the yields are highly fluctuating and extremely uncertain.


The wine is greenish-yellow in color and has an intense, fine and spicy nutmeg bouquet. It is mild, usually low in alcohol and extract. The nutmeg Ottonel can develop pronounced, very fine citrus aromas in high grade levels. The variety prefers fertile, strong soils with a good water supply and sheltered, sunny locations.

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