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The Nadal Literature Prize (“Premio Nadal de Novela”) has been awarded since 1944 by the Catalan publisher Ediciones Destino ( belonging to the Grupo Planeta ). The namesake for this literary award is Eugenio Nadal Gaya (1916–1944), editor-in-chief of Destino magazine . Its fame stems from the fact that it is the oldest literary prize awarded in Spain , as well as from the circle of prize winners, which includes important figures in Spanish literature of the twentieth century. The award is endowed with 18,000 euros, the additional 2nd prize with 6,000 euros. The prize has only been awarded to non-Spaniards three times since its inception: in 1963 to Manuel Mejía Vallejo (Colombia), in 1965 to Eduardo Caballero Calderón (Colombia) and in 1987 to Juan José Saer (Argentina).

Thus the two most important Spanish literary prizes, the Premio Nadal and the Premio Planeta, are awarded by the same publishing group, the Grupo Planeta .

Award winners

1944 to 1975

1976 to 2000

Since 2001

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