Sodium Iodide Symporter

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Sodium Iodide Symporter
Properties of human protein
Mass / length primary structure 643 amino acids
Secondary to quaternary structure multipass membrane protein
Gene names SLC5A5  ; NIS
External IDs
Transporter classification
TCDB 2.A.21.5.1
designation Solut: Sodium Symporter Family
Homology family Sodium Solute Symporter
Parent taxon Creature
Exceptions plants

The sodium iodide symporter ( NIS ), also known as sodium iodide cotransporter , is a protein in the cell membrane that catalyzes the smuggling of iodide ions from the blood into the cell . So it is a transport protein . NIS occurs in all living things except plants. In humans, NIS is mainly produced in thyroid follicle cells , but also to a lesser extent in the mammary glands and ovaries . Mutations in the SLC5A5 - gene can NIS deficiency and this to hypothyroidism ( Dyshormogene Struma result).

The membrane transport equation is:

Solute (outside) + 2 Na + (outside) ⇒ Solute (inside) + 2 Na + (inside)

Monovalent anions with an ion volume similar to that of iodide (about 4 × 10 −23 cm 3 ) compete with the iodide at the sodium iodide symporter. In addition to iodide, the anions bromide , chlorate , bromate , periodate , perchlorate , thiocyanate , selenocyanate , nitrate and tetrafluoroborate can function as solutes in NIS . The iodide concentration in the cell can be 30 to 40 times higher than in the plasma.

The human protein consists of 13 transmembrane domains with 643 amino acids and a molecular mass of 68,666  Da .


NIS production is increased by inhibiting the PI3K signaling pathway , but also by radiation. Membrane transport through NIS can be stimulated with thyrotropin ; The transport is inhibited by high iodide concentrations in the cell, but also, for example, by perchlorate ion, which has a 30 times higher affinity for NIS than iodide. The apical forwarding into the colloidal space takes place via the Pendrin transporter .

Nuclear medicine application

Due to the ability to absorb technetium or radioactive iodine, SLC5A5 is used in nuclear medicine as a reporter gene to document the localization, functionality and treatability of (possibly malignant degenerate) thyroid cells in vivo ; With suitable radionuclides (e.g. 131 I , as beta emitters) it also enables therapy. Other radioisotopes that are also carried by NIS, such as 211 At , could improve cancer therapy.

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