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The North China Plain in winter

The North China Plain or the North China Lowland ( 华北 平原 , Huáběi píngyuán , also 黄淮海 平原 , Huánghuáihǎi píngyuán ) is located on the lower reaches of the Yellow River in north-eastern China .

It is connected to the plain on the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and extends over the area of ​​the cities of Beijing and Tianjin as well as the provinces of Hebei , Shandong , Henan , Anhui and Jiangsu : from the Taihang Mountains ( 太行山 ) and Funiu Mountains ( 伏牛山 ) (which belongs to the West Henan Mountains (Yuxi Shandi)) in the west to the coasts of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea (Bo Hai) and the Shandong Hills ( 山东 丘陵 ) in the east and the Yanshan Mountains ( 燕山 ) in the north to the Tongbai Mountains ( 铜 柏山 ) and Dabie Mountains ( 大别山 ) in the southwest and to north Jiangsu and north Anhui in the southeast. It is connected to the Jianghuai Plain ( 江淮 平原 ) in Jiangsu and Anhui.

With its area of ​​approximately 310,000 square kilometers, it is the second largest level of the three great plains of China.

It mainly consists of alluvial deposits from the Yellow River , Huai He , Hai He and Luan He rivers, which is why these rivers are also named. The lowlands are usually lower than 50 meters. The lower reaches of the Yellow River runs through its central part and divides it into a southern and a northern part: the northern part belongs to the Hai He river basin and is called Haihe Plain 海河 平原 or Hebei Plain; the southern one belongs to the Yellow River and Huai He basins and is called the Huanghuai Plain ( 黄淮 平原 ).

The North China Plain is very fertile. Winters are cold, summers hot, and spring and autumn are short-lived. It is an important agricultural area. The main products are wheat, corn, cotton, peanuts and tobacco. There are oil deposits in mineral resources. Salt is extracted on the coast .

Major cities are Beijing , Jinan , Shijiazhuang , Tangshan , Tianjin , Xuzhou and Zhengzhou .

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