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Petar Savov Luge
Petar Sawow at the EM 2010
Petar Sawow at the EM 2010
nation BulgariaBulgaria Bulgaria
birthday 2nd December 1988
place of birth Sofia
discipline Single seater, double seater
National squad since 2006
status active
Placements in the Natural Track Luge World Cup
 Debut in the World Cup January 22, 2006
 Overall World Cup ES 27. ( 2010/2011 )
 Overall World Cup DS 11. (2009/2010)
last change: March 5, 2012

Petar Sawow ( Bulgarian Петър Савов ; born December 2, 1988 in Sofia ) is a Bulgarian natural track toboggan runner who starts in both single and double seats. He took previously at two European Championships and a World Cup in part, and drove in the World Cup so far three times into the top ten in doubles and four times into the top 25 in the single-seater.


Petar Sawow has been taking part in international competitions since 2006. On January 22nd, he contested his first and this season's only World Cup race in Olang , in which he finished third from last, 39th place in the single-seater. A week later he took part in the 2006 European Championships in Umhausen , where he finished 42nd as well as 37th in the bottom field in the 2006 Junior World Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen . In the 2006/2007 season Sawow took part in four of the six World Cup races in the single-seater. Here he achieved placements around 35th and was 43rd in the overall World Cup. At the European Junior Championships 2007 in St. Sebastian he came in 26th only on the penultimate place. In the 2007/2008 season he achieved positions between 30th and 33rd place in the three World Cup races in which he participated, making him 39th in the overall World Cup. For the first time he also took part in a two-seater race in the World Cup. With Tschawdar Arsow , who started with Galabin Bozew in all other races of the season , he only came in twelfth and last place in Umhausen. At the Junior World Championships in Laces in 2008 he was 22nd in the single-seater and with Stefan Rajkow in tenth place in the doubles and ended up only in the bottom field.

In the 2008/2009 season , Sawow only took part in the first World Cup race in the single-seater, but did not start in the second round and did not take part in any other competitions in the rest of the winter. In the 2009/2010 season, on the other hand, he competed in all six World Cup races for the first time, both in single-seater and double-seater. In the single-seater he consistently achieved positions around 30th place, with his best result being 25th place in the World Cup final in Garmisch-Partenkirchen . He was able to place himself in midfield for the first time as 30th overall and was only two places behind the best Bulgarian, Galabin Bozew. In the two-seater he started in the first two World Cup races with Tschawdar Arsow and then with Galabin Bozew. With both partners, however, he usually only crossed the finish line last. Also at the European Championships 2010 in St. Sebastian he achieved only the penultimate place in the doubles with Galabon Bozew in eleventh place and together with Gergana Alexandrowa the tenth and last place in the team competition. In the single seater, on the other hand, he left eight runners behind as 29th.

In the 2010/2011 season Sawow took part in three World Cup races in single and double-seater. In the single-seater he achieved his best World Cup results to date with places 23 in Gsies and 24 in Kindberg and Unterammergau and thus 27th place in the overall World Cup, making him the best Bulgarian for the first time. He started in a two-seater in Gsies and Kindberg with Galabin Bozew and in Unterammergau with Georgi Antschow . In addition to a dropout, he took eleventh and tenth place once. At the 2011 World Championships , Sawow achieved 29th place in the single-seater out of 40 tobogganers. In the doubles with Galabin Bozew and in the team competition with Bozew and Irma Karišik from Bosnia and Herzegovina , he only finished last. In the 2011/2012 season Sawow took part in the first four world cup races in single and double-seater. In the single-seater he was placed just under the top 30 and in the double-seater just outside the top 10. He started in the two-seater in the first three races with Galabin Bozew and in the fourth race with Georgi Antschow. He did not take part in the 2012 European Championship or the last two World Cup races of the winter.


World championships

  • Umhausen 2011 : 29th singles, 11th doubles (with Galabin Bozew), 9th team

European championships

Junior World Championships

Junior European Championships

World cup

  • 2 × among the best 30 in the overall single-seater World Cup
  • 3 times among the best 15 in the overall double-seater World Cup
  • 4 top 25 placements in a single-seater
  • 3 top 10 placements in a two-seater

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