Natural Track Luge World Championship 2011

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The 18th FIL Natural Track Luge World Championship took place from January 26th to 30th, 2011 on the Grantau natural toboggan run in Umhausen in the Austrian state of Tyrol . After the day of arrival and a training day, the team competition and the opening ceremony took place on Friday, January 28th. On Saturday both races in the doubles, the first two races in the women’s singles and the first competition in the men’s singles were held. On Sunday, January 30th, the world championship ended with the third round in the women's singles and the second and third rounds in the men's singles. A total of 72 tobogganists from 13 countries took part in the competition runs. The world championship titles went to the Italian Renate Gietl in the women's singles, the Austrian Gerald Kammerlander in the men’s singles and the Russians Pawel Porschnew and Iwan Lasarew in the doubles. Team Italy I won the team competition with Renate Gietl, Anton Blasbichler , Patrick Pigneter and Florian Clara .

Technical data of the natural toboggan run

Surname Grantau natural toboggan run
Coordinates 47 ° 7 ′ 8.67 ″ North, 10 ° 55 ′ 46.75 ″ East
Start above sea level 1160 m
Sea level destination 1040 m
Height difference 0120 m
Route length 0955 m
Average gradient 0012.6%

Single seater men

space Surname time
01 AustriaAustria Gerald Kammerlander 3: 37.61 min
02 AustriaAustria Robert Batkowski + 00.04 s
03 ItalyItaly Patrick Pigneter + 00.34 s
04th AustriaAustria Thomas Kammerlander + 00.98 s
05 ItalyItaly Rudi Resch + 01.07 s
06th ItalyItaly Florian Breitenberger + 01.24 s
07th ItalyItaly Florian Clara + 01.49 s
08th ItalyItaly Anton Blasbichler + 02.18 s
09 AustriaAustria Florian Batkowski + 03.17 s
10 ItalyItaly Hannes Clara + 03.56 s
11 AustriaAustria Gernot Schwab + 04.15 s
12 GermanyGermany Georg Maurer + 04.83 s
13 ItalyItaly Stefan Gruber + 05.05 s
14th AustriaAustria Thomas Schopf + 05.23 s
15th CanadaCanada Kaj Johnson + 05.25 s
16 PolandPoland Adam Jędrzejko + 07.29 s
17th RussiaRussia Yuri Talych + 07.47 s
18th SloveniaSlovenia Žiga Pagon + 07.54 s
19th GermanyGermany Bjorn Kierspel + 08.24 s
20th BulgariaBulgaria Galabin Bozew + 09.13 s
21st CanadaCanada John Gibson + 09.79 s
22nd CanadaCanada Greg Jones + 10.18 s
23 PolandPoland Damian Waniczek + 10.61 s
24 GermanyGermany Christian Wichan + 12.37 s
25th SloveniaSlovenia Matic Nemc + 13.01 s
26th SloveniaSlovenia Miha Meglič + 13.55 s
27 PolandPoland Andrzej Laszczak + 15.18 s
28 UkraineUkraine Marjan Husner + 18.96 s
29 BulgariaBulgaria Petar Savov + 19.87 s
30th UkraineUkraine Ihor Senjuk + 21.66 s
31 SwedenSweden Michael Törnquist + 23.83 s
32 United KingdomUnited Kingdom David Scott + 25.96 s
33 RomaniaRomania Cosmin Codine + 27.53 s
34 RomaniaRomania Bogdan Moroșan + 27.87 s
35 BulgariaBulgaria Yusuf Kasov + 31.85 s
36 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Daniel Hofmann + 32.10 s
37 RomaniaRomania Alexandru Vîlcan + 33.77 s
38 UkraineUkraine Andrij Wertuk + 34.48 s
39 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Ben Macintosh + 43.21 s
40 BulgariaBulgaria Georgi Antschow +1: 05.15 min
- RussiaRussia Pavel Silin DNS (1st run)
- United KingdomUnited Kingdom Sam Wake DNS (1st run)
- RussiaRussia Ivan Lazarev DNS (1st run)
- RomaniaRomania Bogdan Filimon DNS (1st run)
- RussiaRussia Ilya Tarasov DNS (1st run)
- RussiaRussia Stanislaw Kowschik DNS (1st run)
- UkraineUkraine Andrij Tolopko DNF (2nd run)

Date: January 29th (1st race) and January 30th 2011 (2nd and 3rd race)

Gerald Kammerlander from Austria set the fastest time in the first of the three races. After that, twice the third-best time was enough for him to win the gold medal in front of his compatriot Robert Batkowski , the world champion of 2003 , who was only fifth after race one, then drove the second-fastest time twice and was only four hundredths of a second behind Kammerlander in the final classification. The defending champion Patrick Pigneter from Italy was in the lead after two runs, but with only the sixth fastest time in the third run, he missed the chance of another victory.

Single-seater women

space Surname time
01 ItalyItaly Renate Gietl 3: 40.43 min
02 RussiaRussia Ekaterina Lavrentieva + 00.24 s
03 ItalyItaly Melanie Black + 02.88 s
04th AustriaAustria Melanie Batkowski + 03.23 s
05 ItalyItaly Evelin Lanthaler + 06.12 s
06th ItalyItaly Sara Bachmann + 06.43 s
07th GermanyGermany Michaela Maurer + 06.85 s
08th ItalyItaly Alexandra Obrist + 07.00 s
09 AustriaAustria Marlies Wagner + 09.62 s
10 RussiaRussia Olga Sidorova + 09.85 s
11 RussiaRussia Lyudmila Aksenenko + 11.06 s
12 AustriaAustria Tina Unterberger + 11.53 s
13 AustriaAustria Katrin Mladek + 11.57 s
14th GermanyGermany Veronika Nachmann + 12.64 s
15th Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Irma Karišik + 15.35 s
16 PolandPoland Wioletta Ryś + 17.68 s
17th SloveniaSlovenia Petra Dragičevič + 19.85 s
18th RomaniaRomania Maria Manuela Danci + 35.17 s

Date: January 29th (1st and 2nd race) and January 30, 2011 (3rd race)

The Italian Renate Gietl successfully defended her world championship title from 2009 with the best times in the second and third rounds . The Russian Jekaterina Lavrentjewa - world champion in 2000 , 2005 and 2007 - achieved the fastest time in the first and third run (ex aequo with Gietl), but lost almost three tenths of a second to the Italian in the second run and was finally like at the last World Cup Second. The bronze medal went to the Italian Melanie Schwarz .


space Surname time
01 RussiaRussia Pavel Pornev - Ivan Lazarev 2: 33.24 min
02 ItalyItaly Patrick Pigneter - Florian Clara + 00.66 s
03 PolandPoland Andrzej Laszczak - Damian Waniczek + 02.02 s
04th AustriaAustria Christian Schatz - Gerhard Mühlbacher + 02.06 s
05 ItalyItaly Florian Breitenberger - David Mair + 02.14 s
06th AustriaAustria Christian Schopf - Andreas Schopf + 02.33 s
07th GermanyGermany Björn Kierspel - Christian Wichan + 03.97 s
08th AustriaAustria Christoph Knauder - Thomas Knauder + 04.48 s
09 RussiaRussia Stanislaw Kowschik - Ilya Tarasov + 04.63 s
10 RussiaRussia Pavel Silin - Ilya Korobov + 07.72 s
11 BulgariaBulgaria Galabin Bozew - Petar Savov + 13.83 s
- RomaniaRomania Bogdan Moroșan - Bogdan Filimon DNS (1st run)

Date: January 29, 2011 (both races)

The Russians Pawel Porschnew and Ivan Lasarew drove the fastest time in the first race, the second fastest in the second and became world champions in the doubles for the third time after 2005 and 2007 . Second place went to the defending champions Patrick Pigneter and Florian Clara from Italy. They were in third position after the first run and improved by one place with the fastest time in the second run. The bronze medal went to the Poles Andrzej Laszczak and Damian Waniczek , as they did at the World Championships in 2000 , 2005 and 2009 . After race one they were only sixth and achieved a podium position with the third fastest time in the second run, four hundredths of a second ahead of the Austrians Christian Schatz and Gerhard Mühlbacher , who were still on course for medals with the second fastest time in the first run, but in the second run only achieved the sixth best time.

Team competition

space Surname Points
1 ItalyItaly Italy I
Renate Gietl
Anton Blasbichler
Patrick Pigneter - Florian Clara
2 AustriaAustria Austria I.
Melanie Batkowski
Gerald Kammerlander
Christian Schatz - Gerhard Mühlbacher
3 RussiaRussia Russia I.
Ekaterina Lavrentiev,
Yuri Talych
Pavel Pornev - Ivan Lazarev
4th AustriaAustria Austria II
Marlies Wagner
Thomas Kammerlander
Christian Schopf - Andreas Schopf
5 ItalyItaly Italy II
Melanie Schwarz
Hannes Clara
Florian Breitenberger - David Mair
6th GermanyGermany Germany
Michaela Maurer
Georg Maurer
Björn Kierspel - Christian Wichan
7th RussiaRussia Russia II
Lyudmila Aksenenko
Stanislaw Kowschik
Stanislaw Kowschik - Ilya Tarasov
8th PolandPoland Poland
Wioletta Ryś
Adam Jędrzejko
Andrzej Laszczak - Damian Waniczek
9 BulgariaBulgaria Bulgaria / Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina 
Irma Karišik
Galabin Bozew
Galabin Bozew - Petar Sawow

Date: January 28, 2011

Team Italy I won the team competition with the highest number of points, the best overall time and the fastest time in the women's singles, which was already world champion in 2009 with the same composition . The silver medal went to Team Austria I ahead of Team Russia I, which set the fastest time in a doubles. The fourth-placed team Austria II won the men's single-seater race and had an overall time five hundredths of a second better than the third-placed Russian team, but three points less. There were nine teams at the start, with Italy, Austria and Russia each providing two and Germany and Poland one team. There was also a mixed team with tobogganers from Bulgaria and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Medal table

space country gold silver bronze total
1. ItalyItaly Italy 2 1 2 5
2. AustriaAustria Austria 1 2 - 3
3. RussiaRussia Russia 1 1 1 3
4th PolandPoland Poland - - 1 1

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