Evelin Lanthaler

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Evelin Lanthaler Luge
Evelin Lanthaler at the EM 2010
Evelin Lanthaler at the EM 2010
nation ItalyItaly Italy
birthday May 6, 1991
place of birth Meran
size 167 cm
Weight 55 kg
discipline Single seater
society ARV Passeier
National squad since 2007
status active
Medal table
World championships 3 × gold 1 × silver 2 × bronze
European championships 5 × gold 2 × silver 1 × bronze
Junior World Championship 1 × gold 1 × silver 0 × bronze
Junior European Championship 2 × gold 0 × silver 0 × bronze
FIL Natural Track Luge World Championships
bronze Deutschnofen 2013 Single seater
bronze Deutschnofen 2013 team
gold Saint Sebastian 2015 Single seater
silver Vatra Dornei 2017 Single seater
gold Latzfons 2019 Single seater
gold Latzfons 2019 team
FIL European Natural Track Luge Championships
silver St. Sebastian 2010 Single seater
bronze Novouralsk 2012 Single seater
gold Passeier Valley 2016 Single seater
gold Passeier Valley 2016 team
gold Obdach-Winterleiten 2018 Single seater
silver Obdach-Winterleiten 2018 team
gold Moscow 2020 Single seater
gold Moscow 2020 team
FIL Natural track tobogganing Junior World Championships
silver Latsch 2008 Single seater
gold Nova Ponente 2010 Single seater
FIL Natural track toboggan junior European Championship
gold Longiarü 2009 Single seater
gold Laas 2011 Single seater
Placements in the Natural Track Luge World Cup
 Debut in the World Cup December 23, 2007
 World Cup victories 27
 Overall World Cup ES 1. ( 2015/16 , 2017/18 , 2018/19 , 2019/20 )
Podium placements 1. 2. 3.
 Single seater 27 13 13
last change: May 1st, 2020

Evelin Lanthaler (born May 6, 1991 in Merano ) is a South Tyrolean natural track tobogganist . So far she has been three times world champion ( 2015 in single-seater and 2019 in single-seater and with the team) five times European champion ( 2016 in single-seater and team, 2018 in single-seater and 2020 in single-seater and team) and twice junior European champion ( 2009 and 2011 ). In the World Cup , Lanthaler has achieved 53 podium places so far, including 27 wins. Her older sister Sandra was also a natural toboggan runner.


Lanthaler started in the Intercontinental Cup in the 2005/2006 season and celebrated her first victory in her hometown Moos in Passeier at the beginning of next winter . With another two podium places, she achieved third place overall with her compatriot Melanie Schwarz in the 2006/2007 season . In the 2007/2008 season she won the overall ranking of the Intercontinental Cup with two victories in Schleis and Latzfons . In February 2008, the then 16-year-old took part in international championships for the first time. At the Junior World Championships in Latsch she won the silver medal behind the Austrian Melanie Batkowski and a week later she finished sixth at the European Championships in 2008 in Olang .

Since the 2007/2008 season , Lanthaler has also competed in the World Cup . This winter, she competed in four World Cup races and achieved two sixth places at the end of the season in Železniki as the best results , making her eighth overall. In the 2008/2009 season , after three fifth places in the fourth World Cup race in Deutschnofen , she achieved her first podium finish with second place. She then won the gold medal at the European Junior Championships in Longiarü , but just barely missed the podium twice at the 2009 World Championships in Moos in Passeier, finishing fourth in the single-seater and team competitions. In the last two World Cup races of the winter, she was no longer among the top five and thus finished fourth in the overall standings.

In the first three World Cup races of the 2009/2010 season , Lanhaler achieved two fifth and one fourth place. In mid-January she won the silver medal at the 2010 European Championships in St. Sebastian, just eight hundredths of a second behind the favorite Ekaterina Lavrentjewa from Russia . At the end of the month she was the junior world champion in Nova Ponente by a large margin . In the World Cup followed two third places in Latsch and Latzfons and fourth place at the final in Garmisch-Partenkirchen , which, as in the previous year, made her fourth overall. To kick off the 2010/2011 season Lanthaler was in Novouralsk twice Fourth before in Gsies was back on the podium as third. With two more top 5 results, she was again fourth in the overall World Cup. At the 2011 World Championships in Umhausen , she finished fifth. A week later, she won the gold medal again at the 2011 European Junior Championships in Laas .

In the 2011/2012 World Cup season , Lanthaler finished third in Olang and Deutschnofen twice on the podium. In the overall World Cup she fell back to sixth after three fourth places. At the European Championships in 2012 in Novouralsk, she won the bronze medal in the single-seater behind Lavrentjewa and Batkowski. In the 2012/2013 World Cup season , Lanthaler was able to occupy five podium places in the single-seater (two third places and three second places) and at the end of the season was second in the World Cup ranking, behind Ekaterina Lavrentjeva from Russia. At the 2013 World Championships in Deutschnofen , Lanthaler won the bronze medal in both individual and team competitions. In January 2014, Lanthaler then achieved his first World Cup victory in a single-seater, at the 4th World Cup race of the season in Olang (ITA). This season Lanthaler was again second in the overall World Cup ranking behind Jekaterina Lavrentjewa . In the 2014/15 World Cup season , Lanthaler made it onto the podium five times and achieved four second placements and one first place. In the same season, she was crowned world champion in the individual competition for the first time. She achieved success at the age of 23 at the World Championships in Sankt Sebastian (AUT). In the World Cup season 2015/16 Lanthaler won the overall World Cup for the first time. She won with a total of 540 points ahead of her teammate Pinggera Greta who scored 455 points. This season the European championship took place in the Passeiertal , the hometown of Lanthaler. Lanthaler was able to play out her home advantage in both individual and team competitions and win the gold medal. In the 2016/17 World Cup season , Lanthaler was on the podium in all six competitions (two first places, two second places, two third places). In the overall World Cup, Lanthaler had to admit defeat by a hair's breadth to Pinggera, who was tied with Lanthaler at the end of the season, but was fighting against Lanthaler due to the regulations. This season, Lanthaler finished second at the World Championships in Vatra Dornei. In the 2017/18 World Cup season , Lanthaler continued its successful run and won the overall World Cup for the second time. At the European Championships in Obdach-Winterleiten, she won gold in the individual and silver in the team. The World Cup season 2018/19 dominated Lanthaler from the start, it should be their most successful. She won six out of six World Cup races and was world champion both individually and in a team. In the 2019/20 World Cup season, Lanthaler built on the previous year's successes, winning five races and finishing second once. Lanthaler also won the European single-seater and team championships (together with Patrick Pigneter and Alex Gruber ) in Moscow. So far, Lanthaler has been on the podium 53 times in World Cup races (including 27 first placements, 13 second placements and 13 third placements).


World championships

European championships

Junior World Championships

Junior European Championships

World cup

date place country
January 26, 2014 Olang Italy
19th February 2014 Vatra Dornei Romania
January 25, 2015 Winter shelter Austria
January 10, 2016 Laces Italy
17th January 2016 Vatra Dornei Romania
January 31, 2016 Deutschnofen Italy
January 8, 2017 Laces Italy
January 13, 2017 Moscow Russia
15th January 2017 Moscow Russia
29th January 2017 Deutschnofen Italy
January 7, 2018 Latzfons Italy
January 14, 2018 Passeier Valley Italy
January 21, 2018 Saint Sebastian Austria
17th February 2018 Umhausen Austria
December 16, 2018 Kühtai Austria
January 12, 2019 Winterleiten Austria
16th January 2019 Moscow Russia
20th January 2019 Moscow Russia
January 27, 2019 Deutschnofen Italy
February 10, 2019 Vatra Dornei Romania
16th February 2019 Umhausen Austria
5th January 2020 Winterleiten Austria
January 10, 2020 Passeier Valley Italy
January 12, 2020 Passeier Valley Italy
January 26, 2020 Deutschnofen Italy
February 10, 2020 Lasa Italy
February 16, 2020 Umhausen Austria

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