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Pop star
EP from Ghost


16th September 2016

Label (s) Spinefarm Records

Genre (s)

Heavy metal

Title (number)


running time

23 min 37 s

  • Guitar: Aether symbol.jpgA Nameless Ghoul
  • Bass : Alchemy water symbol.svgA Nameless Ghoul
  • Drums : Alchemy earth symbol.svgA Nameless Ghoul


Tom Dalgety

Pop star Prequelle

Popestar the second is EP of Swedish heavy metal - band Ghost . The EP was released on September 16, 2016 via Spinefarm Records .


In addition to the original composition Square Hammer, the EP contains four cover versions . The band chose songs by bands and artists that are musically different from the music of Ghost. One of the nameless ghouls told Billboard magazine that he'd rather do something that people wouldn't expect the band to do rather than cover bands that Ghost was obviously influenced by. The choice fell on Echo & the Bunnymen , Simian Mobile Disco , the Eurythmics and Imperiet . The song Square Hammer, in turn, was written towards the end of the recordings for the previous album Meliora . Since the album concept was already in place and the song Square Hammer did not fit the rest of the material, it was not used on the album, but on the EP.

Sofia Kempe can be heard as a guest musician, who contributed background songs to the songs Missionary Man and Bible . Brian Reed plays the harmonica in Missionary Man . The EP was produced and mixed by Tom Dalgety, the mastering was done by Joe LaPorta. The album cover was designed by Zbigniew Bielak. EP title is a portmanteau word from Pope ( Engl. : Pope ) and pop star .

Track list

No. title Original interpreter length
1 Square hammer Own composition 3:59
2 Nocturnal Me Echo & the Bunnymen 5:13
3 I believe Simian Mobile Disco 4:06
4th Missionary Man Eurythmics 3:42
5 Bible Empire 6:34


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Pop star
  SE 3 09/23/2016 (3 weeks)
  US 16 10/08/2016 (2 weeks)
  UK 85 09/29/2016 (1 week)
Square hammer
  SE 75 09/23/2016 (1 week)


Boris Kaiser from the German magazine Rock Hard stated that the cover versions are "lovingly modified underground hits that you just can't get enough of". Ghost would be "currently the most innovative rock and metal band in the world". His colleague Wolfgang Liu Kuhn described Square Hammer as "the archetype of a ghost song: catchy, catchy, perfectly to the point". The rest of the EP could be “given away”. For Olaf Schmidt from the online magazine laut.de, Popestar is enough as a snack for in between with two okay cover versions.

Chart placements

The EP reached number three in the Swedish, number 16 in the US and number 85 in the UK album charts. The album reached number seven in Canada and number twelve in Finland. The Single Square Hammer was number 75 on the Swedish single charts.


Popestar received the Grammis for Best Hard Rock / Metal Album . and the Bandit Rock Award in the Best Swedish Album category . At the Metal Hammer Awards , Square Hammer won the Metal Anthem category . Square Hammer also received an award for Best Metal Video at the Loudwire Music Awards . Loudwire named Square Hammer the Metal Song of the Decade.

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