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Primislaus von Ratibor (also Przemislaw von Ratibor , Premko von Ratibor , Przemko von Ratibor , Polish Przemysław raciborski ; Czech Přemysl I. Ratibořský ; * 1258 ; † May 7, 1306 ) was 1281 to 1290 together with his eldest brother Mieszko and from 1290 to sole Duke of Ratibor at his death . He came from the Opole branch of the Silesian Piast family .

Origin and family

His parents were Wladislaus I and Euphemia († after 1281), daughter of the Greater Poland Duke Władysław Odon . Around 1289 Primislaus married Anna, a daughter of Duke Conrad II of Mazovia . Children came from marriage

  • Lestko (1290 / 92–1336), Duke of Ratibor, married since 1332 to Agnes († 1362), daughter of Duke Heinrich II. Von Sagan and Mathilde von Brandenburg-Salzwedel
  • Anna († 1338/40), married to the Troppauer Duke Nikolaus II.
  • Euphemia († 1359), first abbess of the Ratibor Dominican convent
  • Constanze († 1351)


After the death of Primislaus father Wladislaus I von Opole in 1281, his duchy was divided into four partial duchies for his sons. Since Primislaus was not yet of legal age, he was initially under the guardianship of the eldest brother Mieszko I , whose co-regent he was until 1290. Both were initially assigned the Duchy of Ratibor with the areas of Teschen and Auschwitz . From the latter two areas, the Duchy of Teschen was founded in 1290 for Mieszko , so that Primislaus was the sole regent of the Duchy of Ratibor from this point in time. As early as 1281, the second-born brother Casimir received the Duchy of Beuthen and the third-born brother Bolko the Duchy of Opole, which had been reduced by the above areas. As a sign of their togetherness, all four dukes also used the title Duke of Opole .

As early as 1285 Primislaus offered the Wroclaw Bishop Thomas II. Protection from the Wroclaw Duke Heinrich IV. , Who led a long-term dispute over the immunity rights and the tithe payments of the German-speaking villages in his Ratibor castle . In gratitude for this, Bishop Thomas later founded a collegiate foundation at the Ratibor castle chapel. In 1288 Primislaus and his brother Mieszko took over the remaining privileges of the Czarnowanz monastery . Presumably this was the preparation for the granting of city rights to Rybnik .

Like his brothers, Primislaus turned politically to Bohemia. As early as 1292 he concluded an agreement with the Bohemian King Wenceslaus II that was equivalent to a fiefdom . After 1299 he founded the Dominican convent in Ratibor, whose first abbess was his daughter Euphemia. You and the duke were advised by the Dominican prior Peregrinus (Pilgrim) of Ratibor , who was also his confessor .

Premislaus died on May 7, 1306. His body was buried in the Ratibor St. Jakobi Church. His widow Anna was assigned Loslau as a widow's residence. He was succeeded as Duke of Ratibor by his only son Lestko, with whom in 1336 the Ratibor branch of the Silesian Piasts died out.


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