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Richbod , also Rîchbôdô († October 1, 804 in Trier ), was the fourth abbot of the Lorsch monastery since 784 , became archbishop of the Trier diocese around 791 and thus at the same time head of the Mettlach abbey . Richbod was a student of the Frankish scholar Alkuin (735-804). With his education based on antiquity , Richbod was one of the representatives of the Carolingian Renaissance in the reign of Charlemagne . In his teacher's letters he appears under the graced name Makarius . Little is known about his person. Alcuin, with whom he had a lasting friendship, is said to have teased his pupil Richbod because of his preference for the Roman poet Virgil , whose work Aeneid he knows better than the Gospels, but is said to have been convinced of Richbod's erudition and orthodoxy. Than four years after the synod of Frankfurt 794 , in 798 again the faith dispute with representatives of the teaching of Adoptionism emerged, led Alcuin that even Richbod a copy of a pamphlet of the Catalan bishop Felix of Urgell this, the main representative at the Synod as a heresy condemned Teaching, received to write a rebuttal. Little is known of Richbod's work in the abbeys and in the Archbishopric of Trier . Among other things, he is said to have initiated the construction of a three-aisled church. Richbod died in Trier in 804 and was buried in Lorsch Abbey.



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