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Rudolph Petrikat , also Rudolf Petrikat (* 1916 in Romeyken , East Prussia; † 1998 ) was a German sculptor . Among other things, he became known for his work in the Göttingen artist group "Kreis 34".


Rudolph Petrikat grew up in the interwar period together with the painter Anita Brügel-Petrikat and after attending school in Stallupönen worked for three and a half years in his father's farm in Hussehnen . He then joined the Navy . In 1942 he was transferred to the paratroopers . After the war and brief imprisonment in 1946, Petrikat and his family fled to Kalefeld . There he began with the manual work on grave crosses, hand puppet shows and carousel rosettes. In addition, he dealt with village theater, writing revue pieces, municipal council work and first attempts at design in figurative wood sculpture.

From 1948 to 1950 Petrikat received a grant from the state of Lower Saxony for artistic training. He then worked as a freelance sculptor in Göttingen . Since 1958 he has been setting up sculptures and reliefs made of exotic precious woods at the Frankfurt International Fair. From 1964 there was a collaboration with the master wood sculptor family Fritz and Roland Bätz in Coburg . In 1964 Petrikat studied Etruscan and early Christian art in Italy . From 1962 to 1970 Petrikat shared a studio with the metal sculptor and painter Henry Hinsch. At his side he was also active in the Göttingen artist group "Kreis 34".

In 1969 Petrikat was responsible for running the Göttingen art market. In 1966 he co-founded the support group for freelance artists in Göttingen and worked there until 1971. In 1978 Petrikat bought a large farmhouse in Deitersen ( Solling ) near Dassel . There, together with his son Wolfhard, founded the Sollingsgalerie, which became known in the region through its collaboration with artists such as Salvador Dalí , Ernst Fuchs and Jean-Baptiste Valadie.


Petrikat exhibited in Antwerp , Brussels , Göttingen, Goslar , Kassel , Cologne and Utrecht , among others . Works by Petrikat are also exhibited in the East Prussian State Museum in Lüneburg .


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