Character assassination (2018)

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Original title Character assassination
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2018
length 88 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Viviane Andereggen
script Claudia Kaufmann,
Britta Stöckle
production Kirsten Hager ,
Carmen Stozek
music Annette Focks
camera Martin Langer
cut Constantin von Seld

Rufmord is a film drama from 2018 by Viviane Andereggen , produced on behalf of ZDF and Arte by Hager Moss Film GmbH (Munich) and on June 30, 2018 as part of the 36th Munich Film Festival in the Audimax of the University of Television and Film Munich was premiered.


Luisa Jobst, who has been working as a teacher in the small town of Kails for several months, has disappeared without a trace. During their investigation, the police come across a used condom , a blood-smeared knife and a wide trail of blood in the apartment of the disappeared , but otherwise find nothing about Luisa's whereabouts. The events of the previous eight weeks are told in flashbacks during the police investigation.

Luisa is a dedicated and popular teacher in her elementary school. She tries to give her students an objective and appropriate assessment. When the father of a student, the wealthy entrepreneur Bär, who has made generous donations in kind to the school in the past and who apparently finds Luisa very attractive, suggests that his son, who actually does not perform well enough for the high school recommendation, is a little better should be classified, Luisa rejects such an unjustified preference. Shortly afterwards, a nude picture of Luisa and a link to a fake porn site are uploaded to the school website's homepage, which is why the dismayed director confronts Luisa and asks that the situation be rectified. Because of the compromising recordings, Luisa is avoided by her colleagues and the parents of her students and after the picture is published in the local newspaper she is harassed with obscene calls and messages and is on leave from school work. Luisa's friend Finn also distances himself from her. She sets out on her own to find the culprit. She suspects Bear and reports him, but the proceedings are dropped. Eventually she had a nervous breakdown .

Due to the location of traces in Luisa's house, Finn and Luisa's colleagues are questioned as witnesses. The police believe that she was murdered and that the body was moved to an as-yet-unknown location. A DNA screening of all residents of the village found Bär as the one who was last in Luisa's house and had used the condom with her; It is also discovered that Bär has instructed his system administrator to manipulate the school website.

Another flashback shows that Bär helped Luisa, who had fallen on her bike at night, and drove her home. There was consensual sexual intercourse there .

Suspected of murder, the bear is thrown out of the house by his wife and suffers business losses. The local press speculates that he is Luisa's alleged murderer.

In the end, it turns out that Luisa is still alive and has laid the tracks in her house to incriminate Bär. She answers him on the phone, but then goes into hiding . It remains to be seen whether Bär will actually be charged with murder.


The film was produced by Hager Moss Film GmbH (Munich) on behalf of ZDF and Arte from October 24 to November 27, 2017 in Munich and in the spa town of Bad Reichenhall . The editorial team was Anja Helmling-Grob (ZDF) and Olaf Grunert (Arte).


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