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Salihorsk | Soligorsk
Салігорск | Солигорск
( Belarus. ) | ( Russian )
coat of arms
coat of arms
State : BelarusBelarus Belarus
Woblasz : Flag of Minsk Voblast.svg Minsk
Coordinates : 52 ° 47 '  N , 27 ° 32'  E Coordinates: 52 ° 47 '  N , 27 ° 32'  E
Height : 153  m
Area : 9.19  km²
Residents : 101,000 (2009)
Population density : 10,990 inhabitants per km²
Time zone : Moscow time ( UTC + 3 )
Telephone code : (+375) 174
Postal code : BY - 223710
License plate : 5
Website :
Salihorsk (Belarus)

Salihorsk or Soligorsk ( Belarusian Салігорск / Salihorsk ; Russian Солигорск / Soligorsk ) is a city in Belarus in the south of the Minskaya Woblasz . The city now has 101,937 inhabitants (2006) and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Internet critic Evgeny Morozov is one of the most internationally known personalities who grew up in Salihorsk .

History and population

town hall
Lenin Street

Salihorsk was founded in 1958 for the purpose of mining. “Almost the entire workforce came from outside the country at the time, so there was hardly any such thing as a national feeling,” Evgeny Morozov recalls. As a planned town , Salihorsk was built south of Slutsk on the north bank of the dammed river Slutsch . The city grew continuously; in 1979 it had 65,148 inhabitants and became Belarus' smallest city in the early 1990s.

coat of arms

Description: The coat of arms is split and has a golden ear of corn at the front in blue at the split made of three grains and four awns and at the back are six oblique red bars in silver .


The main basis of the economy are large deposits of potassium carbonate (= potash) - Salihorsk means salt mountain in German . Belaruskali, a company that was part of the state-owned Belneftekhim group until 2014 and is still state-owned, has its headquarters in the city . “In principle, the city is a huge state-owned company for potassium extraction, which is processed into artificial fertilizer and goes all over the world. It is still Belarus' most profitable company today, ”said Morozov.


There is a beginning in Salihorsk railroad to Slutsk and a highway running west passes by Salihorsk and the city with Slutsk in the north and Mikatschewitschy connects the south.


Salihorsk is home to the FK Shakhtsor Salihorsk football club and the HK Shakhtsor Salihorsk ice hockey club .

Town twinning

sons and daughters of the town

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Individual evidence

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