Samson & Sally

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German title Samson & Sally
Original title Samson and Sally
Country of production Denmark , Sweden
original language Danish
Publishing year 1984
length 63 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Jannik Hastrup
script Bent Haller
production Ebbe Preisler
music Jens Wilhelm Pedersen (Fuzzy)
camera Jacob Koch
cut Jannik Hastrup

Samson & Sally (original title Samson og Sally ) is a Danish - Swedish cartoon from 1984 . This children's film is about the adventure of a little snow-white whale and the dangers of pollution . Samson & Sally premiered in Denmark on October 12, 1984 and was shown in German cinemas on August 21, 1986.


The little whale Samson lives with his mother in the vastness of the ocean. His friend Sally, who lost her parents to whalers , is lovingly welcomed into the family. One day when Samson puts herself in danger while playing, his mother dies trying to save him. More and more whales are killed by environmental pollution such as oil spills and poisoned water . Samson no longer wants to watch this and decides to go to find Moby Dick . He is convinced that only Moby Dick can do something against dangerous pollution and whale death. After an adventurous journey, Samson finally finds him in a sunken city. Moby Dick is getting on in years and can hardly move. Since he can no longer do anything at his age, he gives Samson a tip: "Don't wait for help from others, get active yourself and save everything on your own!"


In general, this cartoon always got positive reviews .

For example, the Lexicon of International Films says : "Animated film that shows children what environmental pollution means without lifting the index finger ."

Voice actor

Speaker of the original version:

Samson Jesper Klein
Sally Bright Hertz
gull Per Pallesen
turtle Berthe Qvistgaard
Dolphin Kirsten Peüliche
Baleen whale Claus Ryskjaer
Samson's mother Bodil Udsen
Samson's father Poul Thomsen
Captain Ole Ernst
Moby Dick Preben Neergaard

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