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Scale is a private-law stock exchange segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange within the legally defined open market . After the failed Neuer Markt , it is a renewed attempt to establish a market segment for growth stocks in Frankfurt . The focus of Scale should be on the growth financing of small and medium-sized companies . The name "Scale" emerged from a public competition with 550 name suggestions. All securities listed in the Scale are also included in the Basic Board segment .

The performance of all shares listed in the Scale is represented by the Scale All Share index . Like the DAX , MDAX and TecDAX indices , the Scale All Share is also available as a price index (ISIN DE000A2BLGX8 ) and - adjusted for dividend payments - as a performance index (ISIN DE000A2BLGY6 ). The 30 most liquid shares of the Scale are shown in the Scale 30 index (price index DE000A2J0PW5 , performance index DE000A2GYJT2 ).


The new stock exchange segment replaced the Entry Standard founded in 2005 on March 1, 2017 . It initially comprised 38 of the 143 stocks previously listed in the Entry Standard as well as 9 bonds. The rest were initially transferred to the Basic Board catchment segment, also a sub-segment of the open market. You can stay there or switch to one of the other segments at the request of the issuer.

On March 13, 2017, Deutsche Börse launched the Scale All Share Index. It was calculated retrospectively to March 1st, starting with a score of 1000. On February 7th, 2018 the Scale 30 index was added.

The first IPO in Scale was the new issue of the chemical company IBU-tec advanced materials AG on March 30, 2017. At the end of 2017 the index comprised 48 stocks.

Inclusion requirements and follow-up obligations

For listing in the Scale segment, higher admission and follow-up obligations apply than in the Entry Standard. This is to prevent another series of scandals from dubious IPOs such as in the Neuer Markt and the Entry Standard. Among other things, the companies must have existed for at least two years and meet at least three of the following four criteria:

The costs for admission and listing in the Scale are many times higher than in the Entry Standard.


On August 2, 2018, the scale segment consisted of the following companies:

Companies Branch logo
2G Energy Power plant technology
2G Energy Logo.svg
artec technologies software
Beta Systems software
Blue cap Holdings
Blue Cap Logo.svg
Cliq Digital Cellular services
Consus Real Estate property
cyan software
Daldrup & Sons Drilling service provider
Datagroup IT service provider
Datagroup logo 01.svg
Datron Machine tools
Delignite Timber industry
German property auctions property
DGA logo.svg
German raw material Mining
Logo Deutsche Rohstoff AG.jpg
Discus works Machine tools
Noble Media and events
Edel AG Logo.svg
EQS Group software
Ernst Russ Finances
FinLab Holdings
FinTech Group Financial technology
Formycon biotechnology
German Startups Group Holdings
Heliad Equity Partners Holdings
Helma home construction Solid house construction
HELMA Logo.jpg
IBU-tec Powder materials
JDC Group Financial distribution
Lloyd Fund Finances
Lloyd Fonds Logo.png
MagForce Medical technology
2013 Logo of MagForce AG.png
MAX21 Holdings
Man and machine software
Human and machine software SE-Logo.svg
mic Holdings
MPC Capital Finances
Mutares Holdings
mVISE Consulting, software
MyBucks Finances
Mynaric Communications supplier
Nabaltec chemistry
Nabaltec Logo.svg
Naga Group Financial technology
Nanogate Coatings
Noratis property
Nuremberg Insurance Insurance
Nynomic measuring technology
Ökoworld Fund company
Pantaflix Streaming platform
Publity Finances
RCM Beteiligungs AG Holdings
Scherzer & Co Holdings
Stemmer imaging Image processing technology
Tonkens Agricultural Agrarian
Vectron Systems POS systems
Logo vectron rgb.png
Williams Grand Prix Holdings Racing
20150130002217! Williams Martini Racing logo.png

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