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Burgbrohl Castle, aerial photo (2017)
Castle and village Burgbrohl 1852 - lithograph by H. von Dirks
Burgbrohl Castle in the winter of 1991. First building, called Die Burg or the Kellnerei .
The coats of arms of Kasper Franz von Bourscheidt and Isabella Countess von Schaesberg, 1731, above the entrance gate of Burgbrohl Castle.
Staircase, Burgbrohl Castle. Second building, called Das Schloss .
Gottfried Helnwein in his studio at Burgbrohl Castle, 1996

Burgbrohl Castle is located above the municipality of Burgbrohl in the Ahrweiler district in Rhineland-Palatinate .


Burgbrohl appears for the first time in a document in the Middle Ages , when Volcoldus von Brule was named as a witness in the founding deed of the Laach monastery by Count Palatine Heinrich II in 1093 or 1112 . It is possible that the Lords of Brule, as officials of the count appointed by the emperor, had a fortified courtyard on the castle hill and monitored the strategic point of the crossing paths in the valley.

Their importance must have increased because a document from 1289 already speaks of a castle. In 1338 "the Lords of Brohl with the tower, gate, outer bailey with the court in the valley and around the castle gave the Margrave Wilhelm von Jülich a fief". The feudal activity lasted until the complete reorganization by the French in 1794. In 1471 Elsa von Brohl granted the Trier Elector Johann II. The right to open Brohl Castle for his lifetime. Since Elsa von Brohl was the last of her family, the inheritance was divided between the Winneburg , Eltz and Braunsberg families according to her will . The resulting disputes dragged on for almost 100 years, until around 1560 the von Braunsberg family took possession of the castle and on March 3, 1563 Wilhelm von Braunsberg was enfeoffed again by Duke Wilhelm von Jülich .

When French troops temporarily occupied West Germany at the end of the 17th century, Burgbrohl Castle was destroyed by fire on the night of May 1, 1689 at the same time as the castles Olbrück , Rheineck and Sinzig were withdrawn . The rebuilding of the castle and the wedding of Kasper Franz von Bourscheidt with Isabella Countess von Schaesberg at the beginning of the 18th century led to a heyday of the rule. The castle was rebuilt relatively quickly in 1709/10, and a new winery was built in 1731 .

At the beginning of the 19th century, Ferdinand von Bourscheid had the rock mound surrounded by lining walls . Parks and gardens were created on the now flat area. On March 6, 1836 Johann Ludwig von Bourscheid died and the family died out. The rule was sold to Mrs. G. Weckbecker from Münstermaifeld for the sum of 150,000 Reichstalers. In the same year P. Menn from Koblenz acquired the property, which he sold in 1838 to a Major Decker. This in turn left it to the rector a. D. Johann Jakob Ewich , whose son Dr. Karl Otto Jakob Ewich - doctor, surgeon and obstetrician, this is how he introduces himself in his book Der Führer am Laacher See und durch das Brohlal , which he wrote in 1852 - “after good experiences with the healing effects of Heilbronn and the castle spring to found a health spa (Burgbrohl Castle) ”(see also: Efforts for a Heilbronn spa near Brohl ).

A lithograph by H. v. Dirks, Saarlouis 1852 "Castle and Village Burgbrohl" shows the inscription "Curhaus" on the side of the western wing facing the town. The pensioner Bernhard Grünwald bought the castle from the Ewich heirs. Probably in 1889 the architect Joseph Steinbach wrote in the second edition of his Fuehrer am Laacher See : after all the vicissitudes it was high time that the beautiful property came back into reliable, careful hands. After taking possession of the property, the new buyer immediately proceeded to bring the beautiful castle building, which was laid out according to a magnificent plan but not completed, to a worthy conclusion, which he seems to have succeeded as the architect in charge with the assistance of the editor of our guide. The east wing was given a porch on the south side in 1879 with a magnificent portal, entrance hall, veranda and large outside staircase. Further construction plans were no longer realized.

As a result, the property changed hands several times and was used as a monastery by a male order for a time until the 1960s.

In 1985 the Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein acquired the castle and began restoring the run-down buildings and the park. He lived and worked here with his family until 1997 when he left Germany and moved to Ireland . During this period he restored and reconstructed the castle and the gardens according to old plans. In 2006 he sold Burgbrohl Castle for EUR 3.9 million to the Viennese businessman and art collector Alexander Schütz . In 2009 the castle was bought by the Weber couple for 5 million euros and converted into a castle hotel. On January 1, 2018, the Hotel Schloss Burgbrohl was sold by the owner Andreas Weber to the Heuft entrepreneurial family based in Burgbrohl.


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