His divorce, her divorce

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German title His divorce, her divorce
Original title Divorce His, Divorce Hers
Country of production USA , UK
original language English , Italian
Publishing year 1973
length 180 minutes
Director Waris Hussein
script John Hopkins
production John Heyman
Patrick Dromgoole
Terence Baker
Gareth Wigan
music Stanley Myers
camera Gábor Pogány
Ernst Wild
cut John Bloom

His Divorce, Her Divorce is a two-part British-American television film (married drama ) directed by Waris Hussein from 1973 . The film was produced by World Film Services for ABC television.


The place of action is Rome, time the present. Martin and Jane Reynolds have been married for 18 years and have three children. The two-part film tells the story of their separation, first from Martin's, then from Jane's perspective.

Martin, a high earning project manager, lives entirely for his work, while Jane lives for the family. A confrontation occurs when Martin decides to take a job in Africa. He sees his marriage as sadomasochistic hell and ends up going to Africa alone.

When work takes him back to Rome two years later, he has an affair with Jane's girlfriend, the married Diana Proctor, but is not happy with her. Jane is now dating Turi Livicci, who is also married. When Martin and Jane meet by chance, they discover that they still have a lot in common. Martin is increasingly drawn back to his family - all the more when he discovers that his business partners have exploited him. The children have since become estranged from him and one of the daughters doesn't even want to see him anymore.

In the second part of the film it becomes clear that Jane is not happy without Martin and Turi is only a poor substitute. When she met Martin again after the two-year separation, she did not respond to his wooing. At home she is reminded every day that her daughter Peggy suffered severe emotional injuries as a result of Martin's departure; and their nearly grown-up son Tommy takes advantage of the situation to pit the parents against each other to his advantage. A reconciliation is made even more difficult for Jane when she learns that Martin's relationship with Diana had already started when the marriage still seemed intact. The film ends with Martin's return to Africa.

Production and reception

The production company World Film Services had previously produced Surf (1968) with Taylor and Burton and The Woman from Nowhere (1968) with Elizabeth Taylor . His divorce, her divorce, was the first TV movie that Taylor and Burton appeared in and their last movie together. Their salary totaled $ 500,000. Taylor and Burton were married to each other at the time of filming; they were divorced in 1974. Carrie Nye (1936-2006), who plays the role of Beloved in the film, was a major stage actress who appeared, among other things, as Blanche in Tennessee Williams ' play Endstation Sehnsucht (1959). Director Waris Hussein began his career in television, but since 1969 he has also directed several films for the first time, two of which were nominated for a Silver Bear .

The shooting for the film, which was produced in color and 35 mm, took place in Acapulco , Rome and in the Munich Bavaria studios.

The television premiere took place in the USA on February 6, 1973. In France, the film was also released in theaters on July 18, 1973.

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