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Stephan Thiemonds (born April 5, 1971 in Lendersdorf near Düren , North Rhine-Westphalia ) is a German travel writer who writes travel reports , short stories and essays in the style of gonzo journalism , many of which, due to his professional career, come under the category of workers' literature are to be classified.


Thiemonds trained as a coppersmith , later he qualified as an industrial foreman and European welding specialist ( DVS EWS ). As a part-time job, he works on the examination board of the Aachen Chamber of Commerce , where he takes the intermediate and final exams for the apprenticeship system mechanic in the area of vocational training . He travels around the world for a machine and plant construction company from Butzbach . Numerous professional and private trips to all continents inspired him to write his short stories, some of which are autobiographical. After previous bike tours on Mallorca , through the Eifel , through Italy , Vietnam and on the Way of St. James , he set off on a bike tour of several months in the summer of 2002 , which took him to Australia. The “1 Euro for every kilometer cycled” fundraising campaign was associated with this world bike tour . The proceeds were intended for the reconstruction of the onion dome of Merode Castle , which was destroyed by fire and is the landmark of his home village Merode . Thiemonds is a member of the writers' association Werkkreis Literatur der Arbeitswelt . Since 2012 Thiemonds lived with his partner and their daughter in Darmstadt . In 2015 he moved back to his homeland, the municipality of Langerwehe . Since 2017 he has represented the non-profit organization Child's Dream as the German ambassador .

During a professional assignment in 2014 at DSI Laserservice Thailand near Map Ta Phut , Thiemonds was confronted with laser welding for the first time in practice , which inspired him to write the story The Return of the Jedi Knights . This appeared in Volume 7, Welding Joins , and in the new edition of the same name. In it he processes both his fascination for this welding process and his enthusiasm for the “light welding” Thai company, for which he has been a consultant for German technologies since 2017. In the course of this, he and Professor Gerd Kuscher from GSI SLV Hannover wrote a specialist article on the repair of a steam turbine rotor in Thailand using laser welding technology. This appeared in the specialist magazines Der Praktiker published by DVS-Media (issue 6/2020) and as an English translation in Welding and Cutting (issue 02/2020).

Querweltein on the way

From the book series Querweltein Unterwegs developed by Thiemonds , a collection of short stories was published (2012) and a revised new edition for the Indian book market (2016). The 2012 edition was translated into Chinese and published in 2016 by the Beijing-based Intellectual Property Publishing House (知识产权 出版社).

In January 2020, DVS Media , the publishing house of DVS - German Association for Welding and Allied Processes , published a revised edition of Welding Connections, expanded with new stories . The book stands as evidence of the property associated with welding technology that welding not only connects metal in the original sense, but also connects people. Within the German-speaking welding industry, the phrase welding connects is part of the generally known usage that is used on different occasions.

On the occasion of Karl Marx's 200th birthday , Thiemonds, at the invitation of the Diocese of Trier , held an author reading with a selection of workers' literature stories from his book series. The motto of the reading that took place in the Museum am Dom was: You'll Never Work Alone . On the one hand, based on the diocese project exhibition taking place at the same time in the museum for the Karl Marx anniversary year, Livable Work . On the other hand, as a reference to the subtitle of the English-language Querwelt, an on-the-go book series that appeals to the workforce, which, through a play on words derived from the original Broadway musical song , is intended to draw attention to the synergy of personal work.

On November 29, 2018, the Saysa Morn Primary School, built under the auspices of Child's Dream and financed by Querweltein Unterwegs readers, friends and sponsors, was inaugurated in the Cambodian province of Banteay Meanchey .


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English speaking:

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Chinese speaking:

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