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Sumba (Färöer) Vágur Porkeri Hov (Färöer) Fámjin Tvøroyri Hvalba Skúvoy Hvalba Húsavík (Färöer) Skálavík Sandur (Färöer) Skopun Tórshavn Sørvágur Vágar Vestmanna Kvívík Sunda kommuna Eiði Runavík Runavík Runavík Nes (Eysturoy) Sjóvar kommuna Eysturkommuna Klaksvík Húsar Fuglafjørður Kunoy Klaksvík Hvannasund Viðareiði FugloyLocation of the municipality of Sumba in the south of the Faroe Islands
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Map of the municipality of Sumba / Faroe Islands

Sumba ( Danish name : Sumbø ) is - apart from the deserted place and lighthouse location Akraberg - the southernmost place of the Faroe Islands on the island of Suðuroy .

View to the south of Sumba
Sumba on a 2004 postage stamp

For municipality Sumba includes the villages Lopra , Víkarbyrgi and Akrar . At the end of 2002 the community had exactly 431 inhabitants.

Sumba is the southernmost place on Suðuroy and lies on its west coast. To the west is the 7 hectare, uninhabited Sumbiarhólmur , one of the eleven spars of the Faroe Islands . In summer, sheep graze on the holm, which is well fertilized by the numerous sea birds.

It is believed that Sumba is the oldest place in the Faroe Islands . Excavations suggest a settlement since around 625 . That was long before the Vikings conquered the land . It is very likely that the first monks from Ireland who discovered and entered the archipelago settled here. The name Sumba points etymologically to a Celtic origin back and means "South Bay".

Sumba was relatively isolated for a long time, and so a form of Faroese chain dance was able to develop here that is unique. The dance group of Sumba is famous all over the archipelago and won in 1977 the European Prize for folk art .

Worth seeing

Tourism tips from Erik Christensen, Porkeri

Go down to the harbor and watch the high waves and surf. Stay away. In stormy weather it can be dangerous to get too close. In summer you can often see seals playing in the harbor basin. With a western storm it is an experience to drive from Vágur through the tunnel to Sumba and watch the surf from the car. It is also recommended to watch the sunset from Sumba.

In Sumba, inquire about the possibility of a boat trip to the bird cliffs at your own risk. In clear and calm weather this is an experience that you will never forget.

A small road leads to the southern tip of the island, the Akraberg lighthouse . The road to Lopra in the north leads along the mighty Beinisvørð promontory , one of the most famous places to watch the Faroese bird life .


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