Kill Mrs. Tingle!

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German title Kill Mrs. Tingle!
Original title Teaching Mrs. Tingle
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1999
length approx. 96 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Kevin Williamson
script Kevin Williamson
production Cathy Konrad
music John Frizzell
camera Jerzy Zieliński
cut Debra Neil-Fisher

Kill Mrs. Tingle! (Original title Teaching Mrs. Tingle ) is an American thriller from 1999, directed by Kevin Williamson .


The focus of the film is Leigh Ann Watson, who comes from a poor background and dreams of escaping the bleak life in the small town with a college scholarship. But to receive the scholarship, she needs a grade 1 in history - and the history teacher Mrs. Tingle is a real nightmare. Because of her harshness and intransigence, Mrs. Tingle is hated and feared by the students as well as by the other teachers. Mrs. Tingle is particularly interested in the ambitious Leigh Ann. When Leigh Ann inadvertently comes into possession of the exam papers, Mrs. Tingle sees her chance to finally destroy the future of the model student.

Desperate, Leigh Ann and her friends Jo Lynn and Luke go to Mrs. Tingle's house to clear up the matter. But the situation escalates and Mrs. Tingle is accidentally slightly injured by Luke. In a panic, Leigh Ann and her friends see no other way out than to tie Mrs. Tingle to the bed, immobilize her with a gag and hold her captive.

A real psychological war quickly develops between the teacher and the three teenagers. The cunning Mrs. Tingle tries little by little to play off the friends Leigh Ann and Jo Lynn, who both have feelings for Luke, against each other.

When Mrs. Tingle finally manages to free herself, there is a physical altercation between Mrs. Tingle and Leigh Ann, in the course of which Mrs. Tingle's favorite student Trudie, who happened to be added, is apparently killed. Leigh Ann then gets Mrs. Tingle to admit in front of the school principal that she deliberately wanted to fail Leigh Ann. When Trudie, who was just passed out, wakes up, Mrs. Tingle realizes that she has lost. She is fired and Leigh Ann receives her scholarship.


Originally the movie was supposed to be called Killing Mrs. Tingle in the US , but after the rampage at Columbine High School the title was changed to Teaching Mrs. Tingle .

In Germany, the film initially received the title Kill Mrs. Tingle! , but here, too, unfortunate circumstances led to a change in the title: After a student had stabbed his history teacher shortly before the film was released in German theaters, the German distributor Kinowelt named the film Save Mrs. Tingle! (on some posters also Where's Mrs. Tingle? ) around. However, the film was released on video and DVD under the originally planned title Kill Mrs. Tingle! , or under the US title Teaching Mrs. Tingle! .


  • Lexicon of the international film : "Teenage film by" Scream "author Kevin Williamson, who this time dispensed with the usual slasher effects, but whose film is neither credible nor sufficiently entertaining."
  • Film critic Gernot Gricksch writes in the film database of TV Spielfilm : “In contrast to Williamson's earlier story, this one is surprisingly bloodless. For his directorial debut, he relied on malicious dialogues, mean phrases and macabre gags. So this has not only become his most mature and most carefully thought-out work, but also clearly his best. "
  • “As always, Williamson tries compulsively to tailor the film to a young audience. The dialogues are short and stupid, in between the actors can make wonderfully cool sayings. The course of action is characterized by fundamental logical errors and completely illogical behavior of the characters. At least Marisa Coughlin and Helen Mirren give their poorly written characters a little more life. Your accomplishments are the only reason this film should be seen unless you enjoy tormenting yourself with films that are far too bad even to be labeled trash. Katie Holmes, who is in front of the camera under Williamson in his soap opera Dawson's Creek , plays her character completely flat and boring, Barry Watson is just as disappointing. In Kill Mrs. Tingle , teenage life is shown the way American youth like to see it, but from a German perspective, what is shown is just ridiculous. "

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