Crime scene: Dirty Thursday

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Episode of the series Tatort
Original title Dirty Thursday
Country of production Switzerland
original language Swiss German
length 88 minutes
classification Episode 862 ( List )
First broadcast February 10, 2013 on Das Erste , ORF 2 and SRF 1
Director Dani Levy
script Petra Lüschow
production Reto Schaerli
Lukas Hobi
music Bachmann courtship
camera Carl-Friedrich Koschnik
cut Toni Froschhammer

Dirty Thursday is a television film from the crime series Tatort . It is the fourth case of the Lucerne investigator Reto Flückiger and the 862nd crime scene sequence. The broadcast produced by SRF was first broadcast on February 10, 2013.


It's Carnival in Lucerne. Reto Flückiger wants to escape the hustle and bustle of " Dirty Thursday ", but right here in the midst of the celebrating people a man is stabbed to death. Franz Schäublin, head of the Lucerne building committee and a member of the “Guild of Guardians on Pilatus”, seems to have been selected very deliberately, but robbery is ruled out. Three young people noticed a figure disguised as a death, further traces at the crime scene cannot be used due to the carnival hustle and bustle. Although Schäublin was considered a respected and honorable citizen of the city, he seems to have led a rather dissolute lifestyle. Initial investigations by the police reveal that Schäublin celebrated in a hotel room with a prostitute and probably also with another person. This would have made him vulnerable to blackmail, but the award of construction contracts could also have earned him enemies.

The prostitute can be located but says she did not know who the second man was because she was blindfolded and drugged. But she is sure that the men talked about guild rules. Therefore, Flückiger looks around at the "Guild of Guards on Pilatus" and just comes in when a masked perpetrator stabs another member of the guild. He tries to pursue him, but fails. Despite quick help, Beat Bühlmann, the second victim of the possible serial offender, also dies. Since Flückiger sees himself unable to ensure the safety of the other guild members, he would like to cancel the city's carnival celebration, but this leads to absolute incomprehension. Overall, the mood of his police colleagues is extremely irritable.

Marianne Steiner, whose husband killed himself three months ago and was also a guild member, tells the police that she has the feeling that her husband would still be alive and that he would take revenge on his guild colleagues. While making this statement at the bureau, Flückiger pursues a suspect in an ET costume. In an underground car park, he loses its track and calls colleagues for support. The perpetrator changes his disguise and, disguised as a harmless kitchen worker, escapes. When Flückiger receives the news that Martin Steiner may still be alive, the investigation steers in this direction. Unexpectedly, Flückiger is contacted by Martin Steiner. He's actually still alive and comes out to him. He explains to him that he has been a member of the guild since he was twenty and that he even made it to the guild master. This was so important to him that he kept quiet about the fact that his child is addicted to drugs, which is not tolerated due to the rules of the guild. Since then he has suffered from psychosis. The guild members deposed him as guild master and refused him a loan, which his son could have used to finance therapy. In the meantime he is severely disabled and lives in a nursing home.

Since it is not certain that Martin Steiner is actually the perpetrator, Flückiger cannot arrest him immediately after the conversation. However, the guild ball should take place in the evening and so he wants to transfer it there. Although the police are present and everything seems to be well secured, Steiner manages to gain access in a police costume. The highlight of the event is the presentation of a prize. Steiner uses this opportunity and wants to kill the guild master. Flückinger is able to push him back, but Steiner flees to the roof of the hotel, where he is shot by snipers.


Swiss radio and television produced this crime scene with the assistance of Zodiac Pictures International and Rotor Film Babelsberg. The shooting took place in Lucerne and the surrounding area.


Audience rating

The first broadcast of Dirty Thursday on February 10, 2013 reached 7.78 million viewers in Germany and a market share of 21.9 percent for Das Erste .


Rainer Tittelbach from thinks this crime scene is something: “Brittle realism [with] faces unknown in this country.” But he shows “a charismatic main character and an actor. The fact that 'Dirty Thursday' makes a huge leap in quality is primarily due to the carnival atmosphere and the way we deal with reality, which give the film an exclusive visual and narrative style. The moving camera often appears downright documentary. In this way, the state of emergency becomes sensually perceptible. The police inspector's pursuit of the murderer over the roofs of the city also brings variety and atmosphere to this SRF 'crime scene'. The same language is used as in everyday (police) life: people often talk in confusion, against each other and, above all, out loud. The carnival bustle largely determines the dramaturgy. There is less systematic determination, because the action is not classically exciting, but exciting. Using regional and seasonal items as game material for TV fiction and interlacing the real with the conceived - something like this is attractive and is tried far too seldom. "

The critics of the television magazine TV Spielfilm give their thumbs up and say: “The Swiss 'crime scene' is on the rise. Cinema director Dani Levy contrasts the cliché of the locals with decent thriller elements and a colorful milieu that is sometimes reminiscent of the absurdities of Fellini. "Conclusion:" Feverish Swiss thriller with strong local color. "

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