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View into a side street of the Dortmund Technology Park

A technology park or technopark is a place where selected young companies from the technology sector are provided with a common infrastructure.

Technology center

The core of such a technology park is usually a technology center ( start-up center ). This is a building complex in which many young companies work together. They all belong to future-oriented industries such as B. microelectronics, computer science , communications engineering or computer technology . These complement each other well. There are also technology parks that specialize in renewable energies . Often the companies also receive commercial or financial support, which reduces the risks in the start-up phase of a company.

Technology park

When a company has established itself in the market, it can move out of the technology park. Typical identifying features of a technology park are:

  • uniform construction
  • a defined minimum development of the land
  • lots of green spaces
  • very good traffic connections
  • Proximity to training facilities (e.g. universities)
  • Synergy effects for participating companies

The companies benefit from the advantages of the location factors. Skilled workers are quickly available and within the technology park, many collaborations between companies can be established. This is possible because the companies in a park usually operate within the same technology branch and the distances between the company headquarters are extremely short. Large companies, such as Siemens AG , even operate their own technoparks in order to benefit from collaborations with emerging companies.

Important technology parks

In Germany

Heidelberg Technology Park
The Technopark in Zurich West
NOI Technopark South Tyrol in Bolzano

In Switzerland

  • Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zurich
  • Technopark Aargau
  • Technology Park Basel
  • Technopark Lucerne
  • Tecnopolo Lugano
  • Technopark Winterthur
  • Technopark Zurich



Technology parks are often associated with a technical university, which produces well-trained workers and young entrepreneurs. These later work in the start-up companies.

industrial production

In the technology park, companies should limit themselves to development and production in small numbers; the mass production , however, should in most normal commercial areas take place.

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