The Cave (2005)

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German title The Cave
Original title The Cave
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2005
length 93 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Bruce Hunt
script Michael Steinberg
Tegan West
production Tom Rosenberg
music Reinhold Heil
Johnny Klimek
camera Ross Emery
cut Brian Berdan

The Cave is an American horror film that was produced in 2005. Directed by Bruce Hunt. The film did not come into German cinemas and was marketed on DVD from August 3, 2006 .


In order to explore a newly discovered and extremely mysterious cave system , a group of specialists from the USA is sent to the site in Romania . Fascinated, the scientists descend into the unknown depths, not realizing that they are approaching a cruel danger with every step further into the underground labyrinth . The cave was discovered by an expedition team 30 years earlier, but collapsed. When a landslide finally blocks their way back, it is too late. She's already noticed the creatures lurking there in the dark. For the researchers, a desperate life-and-death struggle begins.

The scientist Kathryn discovers a parasite. Elsewhere, Jack and Briggs are attacked by a creature. Jack gets hurt. The scientists discover some equipment and conclude that they will not be the first to explore the cave. Those researchers were infected with the parasite by the creature, which turned them into bat-like (or pterodactylic ) beings. This mutation allowed them to adapt to the darkness and survive over the years. Jack shows increasing changes: his pupils and his skin are becoming increasingly inhuman. His behavior also becomes more aggressive. They are now desperately trying to find a way out and come across a room in the cave that offers hope: fresh water flows in, which means they can escape through it. But all but Kathryn, Tyler and Top are killed on the way. Jack tries to stop a creature and pounces on it. He detonates several explosive devices and the grotto collapses. The other three try to escape and swim. Eventually they arrive at the surface of the earth.

In a city in Romania the three say goodbye to each other. Kathryn and Tyler talk briefly. He asks her if she is sure that the parasite cannot survive on the earth's surface after all. She replies that she hasn't been sure since yesterday. She kisses him on the cheek, takes off her sunglasses and says, "I think he wants out of there!" Tyler sees that she is infected too. It then disappears. He wants to run after her, but loses her in the crowd.


"Despite a budget of 30 million dollars, the B-movie does not go beyond nice approaches and sinks into clichés and trivialities."


““ The Cave ”impresses with its flawless design and strong effects. The entertaining story is ruined by hair-raising dialogues. "



  • The tattoo , which can be seen on one of the cave creatures (VSSF), means "Association of Swiss Explosives Experts" and was seen at the beginning of the film on the arm of the man who blew up the cave entrance 30 years earlier.
  • The film grossed only 15 million on a budget of $ 30 million in the States.
  • The only women in the film, Piper Perabo and Lena Headey, turned another film together shortly afterwards, A Wedding for Three .
  • The Cave has many parallels to the British horror shockers The Descent and The Cavern . Both were also produced in 2005.
  • They made with the slogan “There is heaven and hell. And there's something underneath ... " Advertising.
  • In the end credits the song Nemo by Nightwish heard.

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