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Thorwald Dethlefsen (born December 11, 1946 in Herrsching am Ammersee ; † December 1, 2010 in Vienna ) was a German psychologist and esotericist who dealt with psychotherapeutic methods and wrote several books.


Dethlefsen learned astrology from Wolfgang Döbereiner and soon took the view that psychological diagnoses could be carried out with its help .

In the early 1970s, Dethlefsen carried out hypnosis experiments as a psychology student in order to demonstrate memories of supposed previous lives among his friends and acquaintances. After his psychology diploma, he developed reincarnation therapy , which is still used today in various variants by other therapists , including Ruediger Dahlke , who broke away from Dethlefsen in 1989.

In 1974 Dethlefsen founded the Institute for Extraordinary Psychology , which he converted into the Kawwana Convention in 1993 . In 1996 he had Kawwana - Church of the New Aeon registered with the Munich District Court , which he led under the self-chosen name "Vicarius" and which carried out semi-public events from 1999 to January 2003. This religious community was based on the teachings of the Zurich psychologist and esoteric Oskar Rudolf Schlag . In 2003 Dethlefsen declared that the Kawwana Church had been raised "into the world of Briah", dropped the term "Vicarius" and largely withdrew from the public, apart from occasional lectures. The church's temple was demolished in 2009; at this point the Church's website had been under construction for quite some time .

Thorwald Dethlefsen, who had spent the last years of his life shielded from the public in Vienna, died on December 1, 2010. His death was only announced a few weeks later.



Dethlefsen described his position in the book Destiny as Opportunity . He is convinced that man is subject to the “laws of fate ”, which shows him topics for learning, that is, possibilities for expanding his consciousness. In man's refusal to integrate these new topics into his consciousness , Dethlefsen saw a disregard for the laws of fate or the (cosmic) order, which leads to suffering.

According to Dethlefsen, there are a number of "laws of fate" such as the "law of the beginning", the "law of resonance" and a so-called "law of polarity", according to which human consciousness is "polar".


In order to expand his concept of reincarnation , Dethlefsen initially worked with hypnosis , in which he saw an opportunity to relive experiences from previous lives and one's own birth during the trance and thus bring them to consciousness. Already in Fate as Chance , he declared that he no longer needed this remedy, and he sharply criticized the attempt to achieve a cure by means of being hypnotized, as this - like conventional medicine, in his opinion - may result in the disappearance of symptoms of the disease causes, in the absence of a conscious learning step, it does not actually heal people.


Dethlefsen was of the view that man sick in itself, sinister and sinful and guilty is. He uses these terms synonymously to show that illness is not a temporary or avoidable "unpleasant disorder", but is implied by the nature of the human being.

“One does not understand that illness is mankind's most precious good, yes, that it constitutes humanity in general, since only the sick can be cured. Illness makes man able to heal - but to do this he has to wander through it, not bypass it. Just as illness is a microcosmic fall, healing must also be a microcosmic process of redemption. "

- Fate as an opportunity

This state of disaster is in turn connected with the fact that man cannot realize all the contents of consciousness (or “principles of being)” at the same time and displaces the unlived poles , which would form the shadow of a person and are unconscious to him or would be lacking in the consciousness of perfection. Dethlefsen takes this term from CG Jung and adds that symptoms of illness are always shadow aspects of humans that have sunk into the materiality. In this way, “fate” forces people to deal with the areas of life that have been rejected. Thus, with every symptom , the person should ask himself which “shadow part” of himself it embodies in order to find wholeness or salvation in the integration (becoming one) of the shadow .

"There are no pointless diseases."

- Fate as an opportunity

“At this point it should also become understandable that we are not adopting the current division into somatic, psychosomatic, psychological and mental illnesses. [...] Our approach corresponds roughly to the psychosomatic model, but with the difference that we apply this view to all symptoms and do not allow any exceptions. The 'somatic' / 'psychological' distinction can at best be related to the level at which a symptom manifests itself - but it is useless to localize illness . "

- Illness as a way

He also claims that illness is often used to exercise power: “One of the most common forms of exercising power today is illness. In our time, illness guarantees the individual uncritical freedom for his unconscious claims to power. "Humans have to" try to be as useful a cell as possible, as he expects from his body cells, so that he does not become a cancerous tumor in this world. If he leaves the order willingly to savor his misunderstood freedom, he should not be surprised if he is eliminated ”, whereby Dethlefsen understands“ elimination ”(death) only as the extreme escalation of an illness. With “death”, however, only that of the person is meant, not that of the consciousness, because in Dethlefsen's view this will be reborn.

If a person refuses to work on the learning tasks with which he is confronted (by fate or the world), this aspect sinks deeper into the shadows in seven " escalation levels " and expresses itself (1.) psychologically in thoughts, wishes and Fantasies, (2.) in functional disorders, (3.) in acute physical disorders such as inflammation or accidents, (4.) in chronic disorders, (5.) in incurable organ changes or cancer , (6.) in human death and (7.) in his karma , which in turn can be expressed in congenital deformities.

In the book Illness as a Path , together with Ruediger Dahlke, he argued that illness is a direct part of human fate: “People have cancer because they are cancer.” However, people learn to live in harmony with the laws of fate , i.e. accepting and mastering the learning tasks placed on him, the reason for the disease symptom becomes obsolete and it disappears:

“Anyone who constantly looks for the symptom to go away has not yet understood the concept. The symptom lives the shadow principle - if we affirm this principle, we can hardly fight the symptom at the same time. There's a key here. Accepting the symptom eliminates the need. Resistance creates back pressure. The symptom disappears at the earliest when the patient has become indifferent . "

- Illness as a way

Reincarnation, astrology and homeopathy

Dethlefsen claimed that "souls" are always reborn with the level of consciousness they had at the death of the previous incarnation ( reincarnation ); this forms his karma .

“Karma is the highest law in this universe. The expression of this is our fate. "

- Oedipus the riddle solver

Thus, every life would have an individual “curriculum” (principles with which it had to deal with) determined from birth , which could be read from the natal chart .

“Astrology is and remains the teaching of the original principles, not of the stars. The planets are a practicable but replaceable plane. "

- Fate as an opportunity

“True astrology was and is a path of initiation that leads to the knowledge of God via self-knowledge and knowledge of nature. True astrology therefore makes itself superfluous in the end. True astrology is philosophy - which is why Schult speaks of "astrosophy" - and not touching on the future of man. "

- Fate as an opportunity

In homeopathy Dethlefsen saw a "first principle" and represented the high potency homeopathy .

“With the simile principle, Hahnemann validly formulated an original principle. Healing can only take place through similarity - which is why you can measure every therapeutic system by whether it does justice to the homeopathic principle or not. Conventional medicine thinks allopathically, it tries to heal through the opposite - per contraria. The opposite principle contradicts the world law. Resistance always creates resistance, you can achieve effects with it, but not heal. "

- Fate as an opportunity


The journalist Oliver Schröm wrote in his article published in Die Zeit on May 28, 1998 "Brown esotericism on the advance: Many books from the New Age scene paint a racist worldview" about Thorwald Dethlefsen and his book Destiny as Chance. The primal knowledge of perfection (Goldmann, Munich 1998):

"The esoteric bestselling author and Munich starter therapist Thorwald Dethlefsen raves in striker style : The human" has to endeavor to be as useful a cell as possible, as he expects his body cells to be, so that he does not become the cancerous tumor of this world. If he leaves the order willfully to savor his misunderstood freedom, he shouldn't be surprised if he is eliminated »."

- Oliver Schröm : Brown esotericism on the advance



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