Typical Andy!

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Television series
German title Typical Andy!
Original title What's with Andy?
Country of production Canada
original language English (AE)
Year (s) 2001-2002, 2004-2006
length 22 minutes
Episodes 78 in 3 seasons
genre Comedy
idea Andy Griffiths
music Ian James Corlett (author), Jeremy Sweet
First broadcast September 22, 2001 on Télétoon
first broadcast
May 1, 2002 on Fox Kids

Typical Andy! is a Canadian animated series . The series aired from 2001 and is based on the books by author Andy Griffiths . Typical Andy! was shown for the first time in Germany by Fox Kids and later ran on Super RTL , Disney XD (formerly Jetix ) and in Austria on ORF eins (formerly ORF 1 ).


The main character is Andy Larkin, who lives with his parents and older sister Jennifer ("Jen") in the fictional Canadian town of East Gackle in the province of Alberta. Andy's passion is to play tricks on others. The others, especially Andy's sister, are tired of his pranks. He goes with her to the same school in East Gackle, where he met the neighbor boy Danny. He is his "assistant" when it comes to pranks. Andy tries to win Lori's heart with his ideas. But he has a competitor in the fight for her heart: Jervis.


  • Andrew "Andy" Larkin - The main character of the series. He never misses an opportunity for a prank or a wager. Andy is secretly in love with Lori and always wants to impress her. His quote is “Pay please!”.
  • Lori Mackney - She goes to the same class as Andy who loves her and writes for the school newspaper .
  • Jennifer "Jen" Larkin - She is Andy's sister and is very involved with the school. She is also a member of the cheerleader and head girl. She doesn't like Andy very much, because she is particularly often the victim of his pranks. She is in love with Craig, a boy on the football school team.
  • Frieda and Alfred "Al" Larkin - They are Andy and Jen's parents. Alfred also used to like to play pranks. He reads newspapers a lot and has an interest in football. His wife doesn't believe in the nonsense her son is doing and why she punishes him with house arrest .
  • Norman Larkin - Andy's grandfather. Apparently he has inherited his love of stroking from him, because he enjoys various pranks just as much. He lives in Florida and is therefore not featured in every episode.
  • Spank Larkin - Andy and Jen's dog. He's boring, farts and yawns a lot.
  • Daniel "Danny" Pickett - Andy's best friend and neighbor. He spends most of his time with him and plans pranks.
  • Peter Lik (English. Beat ) and Andrew Leech (Engl. Leech ) - They are hooligans at the school. Andy likes to play pranks on them, but they often fail. Both are not the brightest lights.
  • Mrs. Wibbles - secretary from the school. She gets along well with Director DeRosa.
  • Martin Bonwick - An ambitious classmate of Andy and, like Jen, a victim of pranks.
  • Headmaster DeRosa - DeRosa is the headmaster who doesn't believe in Andy's pranks and, thanks to them, often puts him in detention for long periods of time .
  • The Steves - You are the two city cops and father and son. Andy often picks you up.
  • Henry K. Roth - The Mayor of East Gackle. He always tries everything to make his citizens happy. He also organizes parties.
  • Mush - Mush is a friend of Andy and Danny who drives the pizza taxi and often helps Andy and Danny with his pranks. His full name is Victor Mushkowitz. He always has the right things ready that Andy needs for the next prank.
  • Jervis Coltrane - Like Andy, he is in love with Lori and therefore Andy’s big competitor. Since he always works with unfair tricks, Andy has little chance.
  • Craig Bennett - A youth from the football school team. He is swarmed by Jen and is mostly annoyed by Andy's pranks and jokes.
  • Terry - She is Jen's best friend and, like her, a member of the cheerleaders.


The show is usually divided into one or two stories. Often times, an episode starts with Andy getting into trouble and then telling how it got this far. The plans for his prank are often represented by rough drawings that make it appear as if Andy Larkin drew them himself. When something unexpected happens, Andy stops the time and explains what happened to the audience. The background turns gray in these scenes.

Andy's pranks often end up with somehow losing his pants ( running gag ) or having to run away. In most cases he says after successfully completing a prank: "Pay, please!"

Production and publication

The series was made at CinéGroupe , the producers were Danièle Joubert and Michel Lemire , in the second season also Bruno Bianchi . Executive producers were initially Jacques Pettigrew , Andrew Makarewicz , Joe Purdy and Michel Lemire. In the second season they were replaced by Marie-Claude Beauchamp , Jacqueline Tordjman , Olivier Dumont . Michel Lemire stayed on the team. Oliver Schablitzki was responsible for the third season . The artistic direction lay initially with Valery Mihalkov and switched to Louyse Lambert for the second season .

The series, initially with 26 episodes, was shown for the first time on September 22, 2001 on Télétoon . Two more seasons followed, so that the series finally comprised 78 episodes until the first broadcast of the last episode on March 4, 2007. It has also been shown in the US, on ABC Family and Fox Family Channels, and Singapore. The German first broadcast began on May 1, 2002 on Fox Kids and ran until May 30, 2002. From June 2002, the broadcast on Super RTL followed , which, like Fox Kids, was repeated several times over the next few years. Later, Disney XD (formerly Jetix ) and in Austria ORF eins (formerly ORF 1 ) also showed the series.


figure English voice actor German voice actor
Andy Larkin Ian James Corlett Marcel Collé
Lori Mackney Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Jaclyn Linetsky
Eleanor Noble
Sonja Spuhl
Danny Pickett Bumper Robinson
Daniel Brochu
Hannes Maurer
Jennifer 'Jen' Larkin Jenna from Oÿ
Jessica Kardos
Marie Bierstedt
Dascha Lehmann
Mr. Larkin Dee Bradley Baker
Arthur Holden
Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Mrs. Larkin Cathy Cavadini
Susan Glover
Heike Schroetter
Mush Mushond Lee
Mathew Mackay
Björn Schalla
Jervis Coltrane Bruce Dinsmore Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Peter Lik Danny Cooksey
Mark Hauser
Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Andrew Leech Scott Parking
Craig Francis
Julien Haggége
Martin Bonwick Dee Bradley Baker
Michael Yarmush
Vanya Gerick
Craig Bennet Carlos Alazraqui
Matt Holland
David Nathan
Terry Catherine Cavadini
Holly Gauthier-Frankel
Ilona Brokowski
Director DeRosa Maurice LaMarche
Terrence Scammell
Gerhard Paul (season 1)
Roland Hemmo (season 2–3)
Mr. Hutchins Ian James Corlett
Bruce Dinsmore
Hans Hohlbein
Mayor Roth Tom Kenny
Rick Jones
Andreas Mueller
Steve Rowgee Sr. André Sogliuzzo
Terrence Scammell
Roland Hemmo
Steve Rowgee Jr. Tom Kenny
Craig Francis
Christoph Banks

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