Ultima Thule (band)

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Ultima Thule
General information
Genre (s) Viking rock
founding 1983, 2015
resolution 2012
Website www.ultimathule.nu
Founding members
Bruno Hansen
Niklas Adolfsson
Thomas Krohn
Ulf Hansen
Current occupation
Vocals, guitar
Bruno Hansen
Niklas Adolfsson
Thomas Krohn
Ulf Hansen
former members
Vocals, guitar
Jan "Janne" Thörnblom (1990-2016)

Ultima Thule is a rock band from Nyköping ( Sweden ) that was founded in 1983, announced its breakup in 2012 and got back together in 2015. The band is one of the oldest and most famous Viking rock bands and was particularly popular in their home country in the early 1990s, where they were very successful in the charts. Because of her contacts with the right-wing extremist scene in Sweden and her patriotic and often nationalist songs, she is often assigned to right-wing rock .

The name of the music group comes from ancient Greece and stands for the northernmost edge of the world .


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Nu grönskar det
  SE 14th 05/20/1993 (7 weeks)
För fäderes lands
  SE 2 06/30/1993 (16 weeks)
Svea hjältar
  SE 10 06/30/1993 (11 weeks)
The Early Years
  SE 16 07/28/1993 (9 weeks)
  SE 2 11/03/1993 (8 weeks)
  SE 6th 07/28/1993 (11 weeks)
Öppna landskap
  SE 4th 02/18/1994 (8 weeks)

The band was founded in 1983 by Bruno Hansen (vocals, guitar), Niklas Adolfsson (guitar), Thomas Krohn (bass) and Ulf Hansen (drums). At first she was part of the right-wing extremist skinhead scene. In 1985 she made her debut with the EP Sverige, Sverige fosterland, released via Sveamål (the song Du gamla du fria also appeared on the right-wing rock sampler No Surrender! By Rock-O-Rama ). Singer Bruno Hansen left the group in 1987, which remained relatively unsuccessful until the mid-1990s. This only changed in 1993 after the band signed a contract with Bert Karlsson's label Marianne Records. Karlsson was a party member and Swedish MP for Ny Demokrati at the time . Together with the band he created a new concept: Ultima Thule became a "Viking power rock and roll band", a style that later became known as Viking rock. With Karlsson the band had placements in the top 10 of the Swedish charts. In the mid-1990s, Ultima Thule received three gold records in their home country within three months , followed by a platinum award . They were also the first band in Sweden to have three albums in the top 20 of the charts at the same time. In 1998 the band played in Dresden in front of over 700 spectators.

With the onset of success, the group's past was also examined in more detail and Karlsson came under fire. Ultimately, he was forced to terminate the contract with Ultima Thule.

With the money generated, Ultima Thule was able to set up its own label . In addition to their own publications, albums by the Viking rock band Hel , but also the right-wing extremist band Dirlewanger , which changed their name to Heroes, have appeared.

The band members now distance themselves from right-wing extremist ideas and affirm that they have never had anything to do with it. The band has spoken out against right-wing violence and racism several times , but describes itself as nationalistic. The band's attempts to explain, however, were rejected by left-wing groups with reference to multiple joint concerts with openly neo-Nazi music groups in Sweden. The single Herrlich Hermannsland , released in 2000, is also viewed as problematic or at least misleading. It contains interpretations of two old songs in German for German fans. In the booklet , next to numerous photos of Wehrmacht soldiers, the sentence "These two songs are almost 200 years old and should remind everyone that your story began long before 1933 and did not end in 1945" is printed. On February 11, 2000, the band's Valhalla studio was bombed . The resulting fire destroyed the studio, most of the merchandising items and numerous original recordings. In response to the attack, Ultima Thule released the split album Genom eld och askan ( English : 'Through fire and ashes') in collaboration with their band, Hel .

The Oi! -Band The Headhunters and the Psychobilly -Band Hotrod Frankie are side projects of the Ultima Thule members.

On July 27, 2012, the band gave their farewell concert at the Kuggnäsfestivalen in Nyköping, Sweden , but in 2014 they recorded new tracks under the provisional album name Projekt Gleipner , only to celebrate their comeback a year later with the studio album Trägen Vinner .

In July 2016 Ultima Thule announced on their Facebook page that Janne Thörnblom is leaving the band, but that founding member Bruno Hansen could be won back as a singer.


The songs of Ultima Thule are mainly about stories from Nordic mythology and legends from other cultures, there are also many patriotic songs from ballads to modern rock works.

Ultima Thule finds supporters internationally, especially in the apolitical part of the skinhead and punk scene as well as in the politically right to right-wing extremist milieu. In Sweden in particular, however, the band also reached broad sections of the average population.


  • 1985 - Sverige, Sverige fosterland
  • 1990 - Hurray for northern countries
  • 1991 - Svea hjältar
  • 1991 - Havets vargar
  • 1992 - Schottis på Valhall
  • 1992 - Midland
  • 1992 - För fädereslandet
  • 1992 - The early years 1984-1987
  • 1993 - Vikingablod
  • 1993 - Vikingabalk
  • 1994 - Öppna landskap
  • 1994 - Nu grönskar det
  • 1994 - Punk Was (split with blind system)
  • 1994 - Tack for hjälpen!
  • 1995 - Once upon a time - A collection of raven tales
  • 1995 - Blonda, svenska vikingar
  • 1995 - Lejonet från nord
  • 1996 - skinhead
  • 1996 - Karoliner
  • 1997 - Live in Dresden
  • 1997 - Nu grönskar det igen / Ultima Thules jukebox hits
  • 1999 - Sörjd och saknad
  • 1999 - Sverige
  • 2000 - Folkets toast
  • 2000 - Wonderful Hermannsland
  • 2000 - Genome eld och aska (split with Hel )
  • 2001 - Resa utan slut
  • 2001 - Ragnarok
  • 2002 - Carlie
  • 2004 - Lokes träta
  • 2004 - Rötter
  • 2005 - Skaldermjöde
  • 2005 - Yggdrasil
  • 2007 - Folkets roasts vol. 2
  • 2007 - 25 year - anniversary (anniversary album limited to 1000 copies)
  • 2009 - Korpkvädet
  • 2009 - The Best of… Polish Edition
  • 2012 - 30-åriga Kriget ( mini album limited to 2500 copies )
  • 2012 - Live at Kuggnäs 2012
  • 2014 - Fattig bonddräng
  • 2015 - lazy vinner
  • 2016 - Så length skutan kan gå (EP)
  • 2018 - 1458

Own representation

  • 2003 - Ultima Thule - Four boys shake Sweden ( Dim-Records- own print)

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