Among crooks

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Television series
Original title Among crooks
Country of production Germany
original language German
year 2015
X Films Creative Pool
length Tuesdays,
  • 6:50 pm
  • 47:24 minutes
Episodes 8 in 1 season
genre comedy
Director Sophie Allet-Coche , Andreas Menck
script Christian Jeltsch , Sonja Schönemann
production Michael Polle
music Egon Riedel
First broadcast January 27, 2015 on Das Erste

Unter Gaunern is a German evening series based on a script by Christian Jeltsch , which was produced on behalf of ARD advertising by X Films Creative Pool in cooperation with Radio Bremen in Bremen . Unter Gaunern was broadcast from January 27, 2015 to March 28, 2015 in the early evening program of Das Erste .


Betty Schulz is a new police officer, but her family is not allowed to find out under any circumstances; because she comes from a Bremen crook family. Because she does not want to expose her family to the truth, she becomes a crook herself and uses her friend Carmen as an accomplice and constant alibi.


Betty Schulz
(played by Cristina do Rego ) is the righteous daughter of the crook family.
Father Bruno
(played by Jophi Ries ) is the head of the family business "Schulz Im- und Export".
Ida Wolff
(played by Barbara Magdalena Ahren ) is chief detective and Betty's superior.
(played by Kaya Marie Möller ) is Betty's friend and ally, with whom she works in the gym.

Episode list

No. Original title First broadcast
1 The black sheep January 27, 2015
2 The naked Paula 3rd February 2015
3 The great love February 10, 2015
4th The need for the man 17th February 2015
5 The uncle from America February 24, 2015
6th From counterfeiters and the Chinese March 3, 2015
7th The little beast 17th March 2015
8th The big end March 28, 2015


The film was shot in Bremen . The house of the Schulz family called " Alcatraz " is located on Humboldtstrasse in the Fesenfeld district . The police station is the foyer of Deutsche Telekom at the Utbrem TV tower in the Walle district and the police offices are in the building at number 91. The bank robbery was filmed on Kellerstrasse in Bremen-Nord .


David Denk wrote in the Süddeutsche Zeitung : “You can understand why [Jeltsch and Polle] are so proud of Unter Gaunern : The fun everyone involved had at work carries over to the audience. Jeltschs dialogues are funny without effort witzisch to be. The plot and characters are over the top without losing their truthfulness. They are not jokes, they are people - who by no means always cut a good figure. "

Arno Frank wrote on Spiegel Online : "On the classic slot for family series, the ARD dares with" Unter Gaunern "- tada - a family series. However, it is as amiable as the multi-generation clan of crooks it is about."

Ulla Haselmann wrote in the Stuttgarter Zeitung : "Public television is also good for surprises. Because the series written by the Grimme Prize winner Christian Jeltsch has what other productions have little or nothing: dramatic daring, lively, political Incorrect, but also realistic dialogues, jokes and a lot of drive as well as a multi-layered plot. In addition, "Unter Gaunern" manages the trick, which is rare on German television, of harmonizing different genres such as comedy, crime and family series.

Hendrik Werner rated Unter Gaunern in the Weser Kurier as ambitious and over the top at the same time. “The new Radio Bremen early evening series“ Unter Gaunern ”(Unter Gaunern) has a lot of local color: You can see the pretty Humbold [t] straße, trams flutter comfortably through the picture. It's picturesque, but not enough for a successful crime fair - the script relies too much on puns and silliness. The quota of the opening sequence was also rather moderate: only 1.76 million viewers (market share: 6.8 percent) tuned in. "Werner concludes with the conclusion:" After all: the ensemble plays the clichéd Jokus revue well. "

On April 22, 2015, it was said in the Bremen Vier Morgenshow podcall that there had been an internal message that the series would not be continued for the time being.

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