Before the Storm (Miniseries)

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Television series
Original title Before the storm
Country of production Germany , Austria
original language German
year 1984
length 390 minutes
Episodes 6 in 1 season
Director Franz Peter Wirth
script Herbert Asmodi
music Friedrich Scholz
camera František Vlček
cut Inge P. Drestler ,
Angelika Sengbusch
First broadcast May 2, 1984 on ARD

Before the Storm is a six-part miniseries from 1984, which was made in a joint production by Norddeutschem Rundfunk (NDR, for ARD ) and Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF). It is based on Theodor Fontane 's novel of the same name . The first broadcast took place on May 2, 1984 on German TV ARD.


The action takes place in the winter of 1812/1813 in the Oderbruch . Bernd von Vitzewitz wants to set up a country storm with the help of like-minded people in order to finally end the French rule over Prussia by means of an armed popular uprising against the weakened Napoleonic troops who are moving through the country after the lost Russian campaign .

Differences from the novel

While Fontane initially shows Marie in a brotherly relationship with Lewin, she is portrayed in the series as being unhappy in love with Lewin. At Fontane, she waves to Konrektor Othegraven at the Pfänderspiel ("She waved to the Frankfurt Vice-President and offered him her mouth in full impartiality."), While in the film she is disappointed that Othegraven, not Lewin, comes to her.


  • Theodor Fontane: Before the storm - The Stechlin - walks through the Mark Brandenburg . Studio Hamburg / ARD Video, September 24, 2008.

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