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Walter Ruben (right) renaming a Grünauer Strasse

Walter Ruben (born December 26, 1899 in Hamburg , † November 7, 1982 in Berlin ) was a German Indologist.


Ruben was born to a Hamburg merchant. He attended the Wilhelmgymnasium in his hometown and took private Sanskrit lessons from Sten Konow . After completing a secondary school diploma due to the war (1917) and subsequent military service, Ruben began studying Indology , Greek and Latin languages ​​and philosophy in Hamburg and then in Bonn under Hermann Georg Jacobi in 1919 . Ruben went to Berlin for a period of three semesters to attend events by Heinrich Lüders . In 1924 he received his doctorate in Bonn with the thesis “On the Indian Epistemology. The Doctrine of Perception in the Nyāyasūtras ”. In 1927 the habilitation followed. In Bonn he joined the "Red Students" in 1927 and was a member of the International Workers Aid .

In 1931 Ruben became a private lecturer in Indian philology at the University of Frankfurt am Main . In 1935, Ruben accepted a professorship for Indology at the University of Ankara because of the National Socialist cultural policy , which he had been given through Lüders' help. After a three-year period of leave of absence for teaching there, he remained in Turkey as a political emigrant , whereupon the German authorities withdrew his teaching permit at all German universities as a punishment. In 1948 Ruben moved from the University of Ankara to the Universidad de Chile in Santiago de Chile, where he held an ethnological professorship for Indian culture.

In 1950 Ruben took over a professorship at the Humboldt University in Berlin and was appointed director of the Institute for India Studies. Ruben held this position until 1965. In 1955 Ruben was also deputy director and from 1962 to 1965 director of the Institute for Orient Research of the German Academy of Sciences in Berlin. In 1963 Ruben was appointed secretary of the Language, Literature and Art Class at the Academy of Sciences. He remained in this position until 1968.

In his numerous works Ruben devoted himself above all to the history and culture of India and the Anatolian-Oriental region as well as the Southeast Asian peoples.

Last living in the Berlin district of Grünau , Walter Ruben was buried in the Waldfriedhof Grünau in 1982 .



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