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The Wildweibchenpreis is a literary prize for children's and youth literature that is awarded annually by the Reichelsheim community (Odenwald) as part of the fairy tale and legend days . It pays tribute to personalities who have dealt in a special way with the topic of fairy tales and legends . The prize is endowed with 1,500 euros.



The name of the award is derived from a legend that revolves around the "Wildweibchenstein", a rock formation made of granite blocks 750 meters southwest of Rodenstein Castle in the forest. Legend has it that two "wild females" lived in an opening between the rocks. They often sat in front of or on the stones, combed their hair and were known in the area for showing people medicinal plants, giving gifts to brides at their weddings, bringing back clothes stolen by thieves and taking away neglected children from bad mothers. In autumn they were regularly frightened by the riders of the Wild Army , until the pastor of Neunkirchen , Rudolf von Rodenstein, himself carved a cross in the largest rock to protect them from the visits of the ghost army with this symbol. As a thank you, the two wild women offered him a herb that bestows eternal youth , which the pastor refused out of fear of God. Thereupon they presented him with gold and silver , which he gave away to the poor of his community.

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