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Wilhelm Lübke (1886)
Memorial stone to the birth of Wilhelm Lübke

Wilhelm Lübke (born January 17, 1826 in Dortmund , † April 5, 1893 in Karlsruhe ) was a German art historian .


Wilhelm Lübke - son of elementary school teacher Peter Lübke and his wife Wilhelmine Enckhaus - had six younger siblings. He grew up with his parents in the Dominican monastery near the provost church . Lübke attended elementary school and high school. Inspired by the art treasures in the Dortmund churches, he dealt with art history from an early age. Around 1845 he anonymously published three pamphlets at CL Kruger , with the proceeds of which he partly financed his studies. From 1845 he studied first in Bonn, from 1846 then in Berlin classical philology. In 1845 he became a member of the Fridericia Bonn fraternity . In 1848 he acquired the “ Facultas docendi ” and became a candidate for teaching at the Friedrich-Werderscher Gymnasium in Berlin. After the probationary year, he turned down a permanent position in Prenzlau and devoted himself entirely to art history. He got to know Jacob Burckhardt and Franz Theodor Kugler and went on hikes to art monuments, mostly together with Hermann Kestner . Sometimes he also accompanied Theodor Fontane on his hikes through the Mark Brandenburg . In addition, he worked for the "Deutsche Kunstblatt" by Friedrich Eggers and the Spenersche Zeitung , with which he became known to the public and was finally commissioned by Wilhelm Junkmann to work on an art history of the Middle Ages in Westphalia. In 1853 he published Medieval Art in Westphalia , 1855 History of Architecture . Two years later he applied to the Berlin Bauakademie and was accepted as a teacher of art history.

He married Mathilde Eichler, widowed Bennewitz, on December 30, 1857.

In 1859 he was offered a position at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich , which he initially turned down. In 1861, however, he became Burckhardt's successor as professor at the chair for art history. Five years later he moved to the Stuttgart Polytechnic , where he taught until 1885. Towards the end, however, there were quarrels, accusations and attacks, so that he switched to the Polytechnic Karlsruhe , where he taught until his death. From 1880 he was director of the Kunsthalle in Karlsruhe. In 1870 he was accepted as a corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences .

His wife died in 1892 and he remarried, this time a relative of his wife. Wilhelm Lübke died in Karlsruhe on April 5 of the following year. He was buried there too.



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