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The Austrian Games Prize has been awarded annually by the Vienna Games Academy since 2001 .

One game is awarded the main prize Game of Games , a selection of other games receives the Game Hit award , which is sometimes awarded several times in different categories ( for experts , with friends , for families , for children , for many , for two ). In 2013, games were awarded the special prize for the first time , which is intended to "highlight special achievements of the year in addition to the main prize". In 2014, the Griffin Scroll award for fantasy and science fiction games was presented for the first time .

Awards can only be given to games that are available from specialist Austrian retailers. The awards can be used by the publishers without license fees or other payments.


The games commission consists of five members of the "Wiener Spiele Akademie", a registered association. Current members of the commission are Dagmar de Cassan (Chair), Gerhard Bergauer, Samy Molcho , Christoph Proksch and Gert Stöckl (2018). Former members included Manfred Schreiber and Helmut Wresnik.

The winners

The following list includes the winners of the Game of Games grand prize . For a full list see

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