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The Lithographische Kunst- und Verlags-Anstalt Hannover A. Molling & Comp. was an international printing and publishing company in Hanover and Berlin .


Poster for an exhibition of the Deutscher Werkbund in Cologne in 1914 ; Design: Peter Behrens ; Lithography / stone printing :
A. Molling & Comp. KG Hanover - Berlin

The Jewish banker Adolf Molling (November 20, 1830 to October 9, 1894) founded his company A. Molling & Comp. With its own printing facility on Schneiderberg in Nordstadt , it soon became one of the largest printing houses in Hanover: Initially, the company produced “ posters , postcards , greeting cards , magazines , packaging, as well as picture and coloring books ”, but the company began relocating from around 1900 own children's books .

In 1901 at the latest, the company was converted into a limited partnership , as evidenced by the printer's note on a dissertation . From 1906 to 1917, Adolf Molling's grandson Franz Rosenberg (1879–1934) was a partner in the company; During these years he traveled several times by ship to New York .

Shortly after the turn of the century, Molling & Comp. a patent on: "With advertising pressure -provided perpetual calendar in conjunction with a colored calendar back wall" was registration with the Imperial Patent Office 1,903th

“Publishing articles represented all over the world”, advertised Molling in 1904 in its own catalog . After Molling & Comp. had printed books for the internationally active London company Raphael Tuck & Sons , its motifs were soon used for their own book productions.

In 1912 the company advertised its in the magazine Die Woche

"Rich selection of original and artistic painting and picture books based on originals by well-known artists ."

Lottery ticket for the Second German Antarctic Expedition with Germany and the facsimile signature of the expedition leader Wilhelm Filchner ; around 1912
Lithographed postcard from the publisher A. Molling & Comp. Comm. Ges.
Motiv Restaurant Königsworth , Brühlstrasse / Andertensche Wiese, promoted in 1911
" Klostergang " with Begin Tower ;
Stone print by Ernst Jordan , around 1920

It was not without good reason that the illustrations for the publisher's picture books came from graphic artists such as Walther Caspari , Hanns Anker , Hellmut Eichrodt , Eugen Osswald or Heinrich Eduard Linde-Walther . In the Molling print shop, Kurt Schwitters worked together with the artist Käthe Steinitz on the design of his fairy tales of paradise , collecting "in the basement of the imposing print shop [...] misprints for his works of art".

But tradition-conscious , even conservative artists such as Ernst Jordan had Molling produce.

By 1914 at the latest, the company had a branch in Berlin , as the additional print on a poster for the exhibition of the Deutscher Werkbund in Cologne shows. The company held significant shares in the Lithographisch-Artistische Anstalt Munich, vorm. Gebrüder Obpacher AG and was represented with two seats on their supervisory board .

In 1920 the A. Molling Comp. the “Hannoverheft” of the magazine Das Plakat , published in January of that year . Magazine of the Verein der Posterfreunde eV with the cover picture by Ferdy Horrmeyer .

Even after the death of the company's founder, the company remained internationally oriented: the publishing program included a series of ten fairy tale books, some of which were published in several languages ​​and thus found their international distribution (until the beginning of 2012, publishing products were recorded in nine different languages). “Even during the extremely difficult time of National Socialism for Jewish companies , A. Molling & Comp. to maintain this international production ”. But after the “ Aryanization ” of the print shop in 1939 and the forced emigration of the owners , the company was almost completely forgotten: “Even the descendants of the family knew little about the company so far”.


  • In an exhibition from January 18 to April 15, 2012 (see the exhibition leaflet at the web links), the Hanover Historical Museum presented “a series of ten fairy tale books that has so far been neglected by research [... as] picture book art in a large format and the best Quality [...] together for the first time ”. The program also included guided tours .

Works (incomplete)

Children's books

The prelude to the children's book series by A. Molling & Co.

  • Cinderella , with illustrations by Hanns Anker
    • Cinderella , the US edition, circa 1914
  • Lust and jokes for children's hearts , text by Marie Ille-Beeg , painted by W. Zirges
  • Vom thick fat pancake , (6 sheets, mainly illustrated by Heinrich-Eduard Linde-Walther, 34 cm, with Gothic script ), no year (1920)
  • A foray through East Asia
  • Chime sound. The sounding picture book
  • The realm of children
  • Dideldumdei , 16 color pictures by Linde-Walther. With verses by L. Linde (1921)
  • Karl Rohr : With the Easter Bunny, [impressed colored] pictures and rhymes [on cardboard, punched out]


  • Hans Kaiser (ed.): Das Hohe Ufer , late expressionist monthly magazine, Ludwig Ey publishing house , born 1919–1920
  • Hans Borth: German shipping in words and pictures , Hanover 1902, Verlag A. Molling & Co.


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Commons : A. Molling & Comp.  - Collection of pictures, videos and audio files

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