Angel Has Fallen

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German title Angel Has Fallen
Original title Angel Has Fallen
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2019
length 121 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Ric Roman Waugh
script Robert Mark Kamen ,
Katrin Benedikt,
Creighton Rothenberger
production Gerard Butler ,
Mark Gill ,
Matt O'Toole,
Alan Siegel,
John Thompson
music David Buckley
camera Jules O'Loughlin
cut Gabriel Fleming

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London Has Fallen

Angel Has Fallen is an American action thriller . It is the third part of the "Has Fallen" series after Olympus Has Fallen (2013) and London Has Fallen (2016) and the continuation of the content of these films. The film was released in US theaters in August 2019.


The film is set a few years after the events in London has Fallen . Mike Banning is on a special operation in a building and, armed only with a pistol, has to fight a large number of opponents with automatic weapons and air sovereignty obtained by helicopters. Shortly after he overwhelmed several opponents with firearms and close combat techniques and left the building under fire, Banning was shot in the chest (with paintball ammunition ). The whole thing was a training scenario operated by Mike's former comrade, brother in arms and head of Salient Global, a private security and military company Wade Jennings. Banning has been receiving medical treatment under an assumed name since the events in London. However, he does not tell his wife Leah or his colleagues at the Secret Service, including the incumbent President of the United States, Allan Trumbull. He is dependent on medication due to migraines, lack of sleep, and spinal damage. During a fishing trip, accompanied by Banning and the Secret Service, there is a discussion between Trumbull and Banning about the possible assumption of the position of Chief Security Officer of the Secret Service. However, they are surprisingly attacked by remote-controlled mini-drones. Only Trumbull and Banning survive seriously injured. Woke up in the hospital to discover that FBI agent Helen Thompson has charged him with the attempted murder of the president. A secret folder is found on the dark web and a secret account with ten million dollars, which was funded by the Russian state bank and thus corroborates this evidence that Russia was involved in the attack. The President is in a coma due to the attack and Vice President Martin Kirby is sworn in as the incumbent President.

Banning is transferred to a state facility by the FBI via convoy. On the way, the vehicles are hacked to a standstill by the actual wire pullers, all federal agents are liquidated and Banning is kidnapped. Through his training with the US Army Rangers and the Secret Service, he can overwhelm all terrorists. Upon identification, Mike recognizes one of the kidnappers as a member of Salient Global, the company run by his friend Wade Jennings. While escaping in a stolen truck, he was killed in a chase with the police, but escaped capture and escaped into the woods around West Virginia. There lives the Vietnam veteran and Mike's estranged father Clay Banning.

Clay, who was highly decorated during his time as a tunnel rat in Vietnam, lives as a hermit to type his past on a typewriter and to forget the fact that he left Mike and his mother alone. Jenning's men can find out through their own investigations, however, that Mike monitored his father alone for years over his veteran's pension and thus always knew where he was, including the men from Salient Global. As the terrorists approach the hiding place, Mike and his father flee through a secret tunnel outside to a place where Clay fires some detonators, which in turn detonate several explosive charges, killing all attackers.

Through his various actions, Wade Jennings is contacted by his client, Vice President Martin Kirby, that he should initiate the liquidation of Banning more quickly. Wade Jennings has lost various orders due to the setbacks in Iraq and can only survive with smaller training scenarios. With a plan of attack against Russia initiated by Martin Kirby, Jennings could land some contracts and make billions in sales, while Kirby as president would approve these contracts. Meanwhile, Jennings has two of his people, Leah and Lynne, kidnapped, but Jennings' henchmen are then overwhelmed by the arriving Clay.

Using the clues Mike sends the FBI, FBI Agent Thompson and her colleagues are able to find Clay's hiding place and the attackers. With a message from Banning that Salient Global was behind these attacks, investigators slowly begin to doubt Mike's guilt. Since Thompson herself has investigated Jennings in Iraq, she decides to make a home visit to the company. There the FBI agents carrying out this visit are shot dead by Jennings and one of his employees. Through this action Jennings decides to leave the country and before that, according to the instructions of the unknown mastermind, kill the slowly awakening Allan Trumbull.

Mike, who knows the procedure of the responsible authorities, can smuggle himself in with a Secret Service agent as a hostage until shortly before the intensive care unit of the hospital where the president is being treated. There he allows himself to be arrested voluntarily, but only on the condition that he is first led to the president. In the presence of the Secret Service director and other agents, Trumbull confirms that Mike was the one who saved him.

As the convoy around Jennings approaches, Mike and the Secret Service are under pressure to double-check security at the hospital. Meanwhile, there are some computer problems and the leakage of pure oxygen from the treatment rooms. After checking, they discover that the control system in the basement has been hacked by Jennings and that he plans to blow up the hospital and the president in it by short-circuiting the gas leak. Since Marine One takes too long to evacuate the team, they are transported out by vehicle. However, Jennings arrives and can stop the column with his team. During the escape into a nearby office building, the now evacuated hospital explodes.

In the office building, Mike and several Secret Service agents barricade themselves in front of a corner office. Allan Trumbull and the director Gentry, who has been shot in the meantime, position themselves in the premises. After a wild firefight in which Jennings lets the office and some of his men attack over the flank, but they are overpowered by Mike, Jennings and the rest of his team can reach the door to the corner office. They move forward quickly and realize that Trumbull was never in the corner office, but in another office. The Secret Service Agents purposely protected the wrong door in an attempt to mislead Jennings and his team. Frustrated by this, he is informed that the FBI-HRT and the National Guard are on their way to see them. He then orders the withdrawal and evacuation by helicopter. As they escape, they are followed by Banning, who shoots at the helicopter and kills Salient Global employees.

In a joint knife fight, Mike Jennings can be fatally injured. During the final seconds, Jennings thanks his former brother in arms for killing him. After these events, President Trumbull visits his Vice President in the office and tells him that Wade Jennings kept a record of every conversation between him and the Vice President. The president has considered keeping the vice president in office for the next three and a half years to have some fun with him, but he likes to tackle problems the old-fashioned way and leaves it to David Gentry as it is his last day at work as director of the Secret Service is to kick the Vice President out. When asked by Kirby whether this was supposed to be a joke, Trumbull replied with a simple “no”. The FBI takes Kirby into custody. At home, Mike, Leah and Clay enjoy Lynne's new steps while they discuss whether or not Clay should live with you, which they all think is a great idea.

During a conversation between the recovering Mike Banning and Allan Trumbull, Mike apologizes to the President for not mentioning his medical treatment and taking pills. Since he is very attached to his work at the Secret Service, he feared that he would be fired because of these deficits and decided to keep these problems quiet. Since this is not an excuse, he offers the president his badge and his immediate dismissal. However, Trumbull explains that it is the moments when we wrestle with ourselves the most that define us. Thereupon he still wishes that Mike accepts the post of director of the Secret Service and should not keep any more secrets from him, which the latter also affirms.

In a mid-credit scene, Mike and Clay sit in the garden, pondering that this work is a psychological burden and that they always carry this experience around with them. Therefore Clay advises him to seek treatment. However, Mike asks his father that Clay can also be treated with his son. When both relax in the plunge pool known as the “Zero Gravity Chamber”, the therapists switch off the light, which they don't like at all and want to get out quickly, as this procedure proves to be uncomfortable for both of them.


On October 28, 2016, it was announced that this film was in development, with Gerard Butler re-impersonating his role and re-serving as the film's producer.

On July 25, 2017, Ric Roman Waugh was announced as the director of Angel Has Fallen .

Production of the film , produced by Millennium Films , Campbell Grobman Films , Eclectic Pictures and G-Base , began in the UK on February 7, 2018 .

The film had a budget of around $ 40 million. The worldwide box office is currently around 141.3 million US dollars.


The lexicon of international films assesses the film as a "superficial and overconstructed action thriller, which, with discussions about private security services and Russian hackers, ostensibly addresses current problems, but essentially focuses only on action and visually spectacular bombast ."

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