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Basketball Klosterneuburg
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Club data
Address: Sportunion Basketball Klosterneuburg
In der Au (Happyland)
3400 Klosterneuburg
Website: www.bk-klosterneuburg.at
Photo website: fotos.dbba.at
Founding year: 1952
League: Men: Admiral Basketball Bundesliga
Women: Austrian Women Basketball League
Chairman: Werner Sallomon
Venue: Leisure center Happyland Klosterneuburg
("Dukes Castle")
Dress colors: Home games: White
Away games: Orange-Black
Home game info sheet: Gameday
Title won
Masters (men) : 1978, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986,
1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 2012
Masters (women) : 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
Cup (men) : 2013
Supercup (men): 2012, 2013
European Cup participation
European Champion Clubs' Cup
1978/79, 1983/84, 1984/85, 1985/86
1986/87, 1987/88, 1988/89, 1989/90
1990/91 (5-21)
Korać Cup (men): 1991/92, 1998/99 (0-4)

Basketball Klosterneuburg is a basketball club from Klosterneuburg , whose men's team, the Dukes , play in the top Austrian division of the ÖBL . The women's team, the Duchess , plays in the AWBL or ASWBL. With a total of ten men's championship titles, most recently in the 2011/2012 season, and six women's championship titles, Klosterneuburg is one of the most successful basketball clubs in Austria. With the 2019/2020 season, the BK Dukes are starting their 50th Bundesliga season, making them the ÖBL's record team.


The sport of basketball in Klosterneuburg has an extremely long tradition. In 1952, basketball was founded as a section of what was then KSV (Klosterneuburger Sportverein). The corresponding founding match took place on August 16, 1952 against Union Babenberg and just one year later the independent path followed as a club under the name “1. KBC “(1. Klosterneuburg Basketball Club) with men and women teams.

Klosterneuburg has been continuously represented in the A-League (as the only club in Austria) since 1970. In 1977 the two successful Klosterneuburg teams 1. KBC and Asturia merged to form today's “BK Klosterneuburg”. The merger was finally crowned with great success on April 16, 1978 in a completely sold-out Babenbergerhalle. In the final between BK Klosterneuburg and UBSC Vienna, the underdogs prevailed 69:68 and Klosterneuburg became the first Austrian basketball champion who did not come from Vienna.

With the first championship title in 1978, the "golden era" of Klosterneuburg basketball began and in the early 1980s the move to the new home of the Happyland leisure center. With 8 championship titles in a row (1983–1990), BK Klosterneuburg becomes the absolute record champion of the Austrian Basketball Bundesliga. No other team at the ABL can refer to a similar series of successes to this day. There are also 32 European Cup games (5 wins - 27 defeats) and the success as a two-time Danube Cup winner (predecessor of the Super League).

The last big highlight was the BK Klosterneuburg (exactly 60 years after the club was founded) with the 2012 championship title. In addition there was the first cup win in club history (2013) of the BK Dukes and the double ABL Supercup victory (2012, 2013).

Today, BK Klosterneuburg looks after the 2 Bundesliga teams (BK Dukes and BK Duchess) and one regional league team (BK Sixers), a total of 10 junior teams directly in the club (girls and boys) as well as basketball players in all 8 elementary schools in Klosterneuburg. This makes the BK one of the most active promoters of young talent in the municipality of Klosterneuburg and one of the largest basketball clubs in Austria! The Basketball Federal Youth Center, which was founded in 1985, also provides professional on-site support for young talent, where young talents are encouraged and optimally supported on their way to top-class sport. The home hall of the BK Klosterneuburg, the "Dukes Castle" in Happyland, offers space for 1,000 spectators.

Bundesliga team 2018/19

Team photo BK Klosterneuburg Dukes
Squad of BK Dukes Klosterneuburg in the 2018/2019 season
Attention: The squad information is out of date!
(current season: 2020/2021)
No. Nat. Surname birth size info Last club
5 AustriaAustria Christoph Leydolf 05/19/1999 191 cm BK Klost.
6th AustriaAustria Moritz Lanegger March 29, 1990 190 cm Iberostar Palma (ESP)
8th SerbiaSerbia Predrag Miletic 08/17/1984 193 cm BC Vienna
9 AustriaAustria Clemens Leydolf 02/12/1996 182 cm BK Klbg.
10 AustriaAustria Lennart Burgemeister 04/10/1996 193 cm BK Klbg.
11 AustriaAustria Maximilian Hopfgartner 11/20/1992 206 cm Valladolid (ESP)
12 AustriaAustria Christoph Greimeister 05/12/1990 209 cm BC Vienna
13 Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Edin Bavčić 06/05/1984 210 cm (C)Captain of the crew
14th AustriaAustria Valentin Bauer 04/13/1994 184 cm BK Klbg.
15th AustriaAustria Konstantin Kolonovicsl 06/13/1999 188 cm BK Klost.
18th GermanyGermany Oguz Kilic 05/03/1997 188 cm
19th AustriaAustria Jurica Blazevic 09/28/1994 199 cm BC Vienna
20th AustriaAustria Paolo Pettinger 01/29/1996 191 cm BK Klbg.
Nat. Surname position
AustriaAustria Werner Sallomon Head coach
AustriaAustria Damir Zeleznik Ace coach
Abbr. meaning
Captain of the crew Team captain
No. Jersey number
Nat. nationality
A-Nat National player
Team homepage
League homepage
As of October 9, 2018

Starting Five

Point guard Shooting Guard Small forward Power forward center
Valentin Bauer Predrag Miletic Moritz Lanegger Max Hopfgartner Edin Bavcic


The multi-purpose hall of the Happyland leisure center is located in Klosterneuburg Aupark, a recreation area in the immediate vicinity of the Klosterneuburg-Kierling train station. The BK Dukes have played their home games there since 1979. The basketball hall is also known by fans as "Dukes Castle". In summer 2014 the hall was completely renovated by the municipality of Klosterneuburg. New stands, HD-capable light for TV broadcasts and many other technical innovations make the basketball hall one of the most modern in Austria.


The club is called Sportunion Basketball Klosterneuburg .

The Bundesliga men's team is called Dukes ("dukes"), the Bundesliga women's team is called Duchess ("duchess"), while the second team playing in the Lower Austria regional league is called Sixers ("sixes"), which also competes in the Lower Austria Cup . The youth teams of boys and young adults are called basket dukes ("basket dukes") and the girls are called basket duchess ("basket duchess") with the addition of the maximum age limit .

Both Bundesliga teams have or had name sponsors who can change very frequently in Austria. Due to the nature of the (narrowly) limited name sponsorship , which should no longer be mentioned after the end of the contract period and at the same time inadequate historiography, there are seldom reliable naming conventions. The women already played as "BK Tecto Klosterneuburg", "BK Hornets Klosterneuburg", "BK Systemlogistik Duchess" or "BK Jocher's Duchess", while the men already played in 1978 as "BK NÖ Brandschaden" (until 1984/85) and thereafter as "BK NÖN" (1985–1988), "BK Toshiba" (1988–1990), "BK Nissan", "BK Kalendermacher Klosterneuburg", "Xion Dukes", the "yourgoody Dukes" (unfortunately unknown) or currently (2019 / 2020) the "BK IMMOunited Dukes" were or are.


Unlike the men's team of basketball Klosterneuburg, the Dukes are not the players themselves, but the women's team as a whole a Duchess (= Duchess ). Between 1998 and 2003, the women were champions of the Austrian Women Basketball League six times in a row .


The Basketdukes or Basketduchess are the youth branch of Basketball Klosterneuburg and deal with the care of young people. Boys from 8 years of age are continuously looked after in all age groups (U10, U12, U14, U16, U19). Even with the Basketduchess Girls Basketball booming. There are currently girls' teams for ages 10 to 19.

In 2006 the club's youth work was voted the best in Austria by the basketball magazine “Fullcourtpress”. The number of successes in the ÖMS (Austrian Championship) and the number of teams were evaluated according to a points system.


The basketball players from Klosterneuburg won the championship title for the first time in 1978. From 1983 to 1990 they managed to win the title eight times in a row. The Danube Cup was won in 1983 and 1986 . They represented the dominant team in Austrian basketball in the 1980s.

The Duchess won the women's championship six times from 1998 to 2003.

In 2012 the Dukes won the championship title again after 22 years, the Supercup in 2012 and the Chevrolet Cup in 2013. This made them the second Austrian team to achieve the "title triple". In autumn 2013 they were able to defend the title in the 2013 Supercup.

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