Berlin Köllnische Heide train station

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Berlin Köllnische Heide
The station building built in 1920
The station building built in 1920
Operating point type Breakpoint
Platform tracks 2
abbreviation BKHD
IBNR 8089104
Price range 5
opening August 16, 1920
December 17, 1993
Conveyance 17th September 1980
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Architectural data
Architectural style Modern
architect Karl Cornelius
City / municipality Berlin
Place / district Neukölln
country Berlin
Country Germany
Coordinates 52 ° 28 '10 "  N , 13 ° 28' 3"  E Coordinates: 52 ° 28 '10 "  N , 13 ° 28' 3"  E
Railway lines
Railway stations in Berlin
i16 i16 i18

The Köllnische Heide station is a S-Bahn station in the Berlin district of Neukölln in the district of the same name . It is located on the Baumschulenweg – Neukölln connection and was opened in 1920. S-Bahn trains ran regularly until 1980, and between 1980 and 1993 the line including the station was shut down due to the Reichsbahn strike in 1980 . The station has been in operation again since 1993 after a complete renovation.


Since 1896 there has been a connection between the Neukölln ring station and Baumschulenweg on the Görlitzer Bahn . However, there was no train station on the connecting line.

Before the First World War, the Prussian State Railways concretized plans for a station on this route. In 1913, work began on a stop there, but work was delayed due to the war. The platform could be completed by 1916. The station should also have a reception building; the Reichsbahn commissioned the architect Karl Cornelius with this task. Cornelius designed a large, yellow-plastered, roof-tiled building that is modern in style .

The station was opened on August 16, 1920. At that time, the suburban railway in Berlin was not yet electrified , so that steam trains still stopped for eight years, going both towards Grünau and the Ringbahn . As part of the " Great Electrification " propagated by the Reichsbahn , the suburban, urban and ring rail lines were provided with power rails to increase the efficiency of the operational process. Since November 1928, the red and yellow trains of the Berlin S-Bahn stopped at Köllnische Heide station.

The subsequent Second World War had only minor effects on the station itself, and much more on the S-Bahn operations. The numerous damage caused by British and American aircraft bombs often forced the Reichsbahn to restrict or even stop operations. Due to the no longer available electricity, the S-Bahn had to pause completely between mid-April and mid-June 1945 in the course of the battle for Berlin . Full S-Bahn operations were resumed in June.

With the construction of the Berlin Wall on August 13, 1961, the S-Bahn network between East and West Berlin was separated. Now the Köllnische Heide station had to act as the terminus for trains from the Gesundbrunnen and Zoologischer Garten stations . The fact that the S-Bahn in western Berlin was still operated by the Deutsche Reichsbahn led to a boycott of the S-Bahn under the leadership of the DGB , whereupon the number of passengers fell rapidly. The Deutsche Reichsbahn tried unsuccessfully to win back passengers; among other things, the entrance building of the Köllnische Heide station received a refreshment in 1975.

Nevertheless, the Deutsche Reichsbahn continued to operate the S-Bahn, albeit with increasing operational restrictions. After the Reichsbahnerstrike in 1980, the workers demanded, among other things, more wages, the Reichsbahn reduced its operations in West Berlin to a rump network consisting of three lines; the Köllnische Heide station was not one of them. In the following years it was neglected by vandalism .

In 1984 the Senate of Berlin and the Deutsche Reichsbahn agreed to take over operations of the West Berlin S-Bahn by the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), which also operate the underground trains , buses and some ferries in Berlin. The plan was to restore the S-Bahn network from before 1980. From 1989, construction work began on the construction of the line between Köllnischer Heide and Sonnenallee, both of which were to serve as terminus, and Westend station ; the provisional completion date was set for 1992. Due to the completely changed situation after the events in November 1989, the reconstruction plans had to be re-coordinated, now the connection between the Köllnische Heide station and Baumschulenweg was also included, for which the opening date was postponed to 1993. The reconstruction also included a thorough renovation of the station, including gutting the platform, extending the pedestrian tunnel to the Krebsgang street and installing an elevator.

On December 17, 1993 the ceremonial reopening of the S-Bahn-Südring took place with a parallel journey of two S-Bahn trains of the 485 series . In spring 2006, the S-Bahn Berlin GmbH, which has been operating since 1994, withdrew the station supervision for cost reasons. The destination displays that could no longer be used were discontinued, but could be put back into operation as part of a pilot project in late summer 2006. They are now operated by the control center and not, as before, by the station supervisor. As in all unattended train stations, the station announcements are now the responsibility of the driver .


The S-Bahn station is served by the S45, S46 and S47 lines of the Berlin S-Bahn. There are connections to BVG bus routes.

line course Clock in the peak hours
Berlin S45.svg Südkreuz  - Tempelhof  - Hermannstrasse  - Neukölln  - Köllnische Heide  - Baumschulenweg  - Schöneweide  - Schöneweide depot  - Adlershof  - Altglienicke  - Grünbergallee  - Berlin-Schönefeld Airport 20 min
Berlin S46.svg Westend  - Messe Nord / ICC  - Westkreuz  - Halensee  - Hohenzollerndamm  - Heidelberger Platz  - Bundesplatz  - Innsbrucker Platz  - Schöneberg  - Südkreuz  - Tempelhof  - Hermannstraße  - Neukölln  - Köllnische Heide  - Baumschulenweg  - Schöneweide  - Schöneweide depot  - Adlershof  - Grünau  - Eichwalde  - Zeuthen  - Wildau  - Königs Wusterhausen 20 min
Berlin S47.svg Hermannstraße  - Neukölln  - Köllnische Heide  - Baumschulenweg  - Schöneweide  - Oberspree  - Spindlersfeld 20 min

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